Using Aspose APIs, Germo Implemented Textual content extraction from custom templates, bookmarks as well as Document properties in winEFW

About Germo GERMO GmbH offers a variety of software solutions in the field of electronic forms, output management, and document management for health insurance funds. The software suite winEFW (windows Elektronisches Formularwesen, german for windows electronic template management) offers template management, template creation, and administrative functions as well as functions for document creation. To support template administrators during their workflow, winEFW includes a search module providing a great variety of search options for template administrators and editors.
February 9, 2009 · 3 min · Manuel Kipke

Crick Software Implemented Import and Export of Multiple Document Formats using APIs

About Crick Software WriteOnline was developed as an online literacy tool from Crick Software, a leading software supplier to the education market. In 2008, WriteOnline won the Java Duke’s award for Education and the ESU President’s Award and was a finalist for the 2009 BETT Awards. Perfect for students of all abilities, WriteOnline has been used by learners from the age of 9 to adult. The program took the basic functions of a word processor but provided additional literacy support such as; a word bar, that provided a bank of words, phrases and web addresses at the bottom of the screen.
January 31, 2009 · 3 min · Andrew Burt