Sponsoring Conferences and Events: Microsoft Ignite Australia

Sydney, Australia - Aspose supports a number of local user groups and events in the US, Europe, and Asia. We are keen to get behind developer-centric events and seminars.+2 Microsoft Ignite Australia is an exciting developer conference following on from TechEd that we will be sponsoring this year and that we would like to share with you. We encourage you to take a look: Microsoft Ignite Australia (#MSAUIGNITE) is Australia’s largest tech conference.
February 13, 2017 · 2 min · Adam Skelton

Sponsoring Conferences: Microsoft Ignite China

Microsoft Ignite China is China’s largest tech conference. It gathers thousands of important CEO, CIO, CT and IT technology experts from home and abroad to learn and to network. Attendees come from Microsoft Traditional Technology Conferences held in the past, which include TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit and Microsoft Products Launch The event includes: Curated three days packed with hand-picked sessions to address specific knowledge gaps around some of the biggest opportunities and challenges at work.
November 23, 2016 · 2 min · Adam Skelton

Sponsoring Conferences: Microsoft Ignite New Zealand

** Sydney, Australia** - Aspose supports a number of local user groups and events in the US, Europe and Asia. We are keen to support interaction and innovation and sponsoring such events is one way in which we can do this. Microsoft Ignite New Zealand is an exciting developer conference following on from TechEd that we will be sponsoring this year that we would like to share with you. We encourage you to take a look:
October 21, 2016 · 3 min · Adam Skelton

Aspose Sponsors the Microsoft Industry Summit in Indonesia

The Microsoft Industry Summit demonstrates how Microsoft and partners are committed accompanying customer’s digital transformation journey through the power of innovation technology. The event will be attended by 200+ quality audiences from senior IT Leaders and Business Decision Makers from across industries such as FSI, Manufacture & retail, and Education. They have designed this event not to only focus on the presentation session but also focus to the partner’s showcasing booth.
September 22, 2016 · 2 min · Adam Skelton

Aspose.Total Java for IntelliJ IDEA v1.4 released with more new Source Code Examples

[![][1] version 1.4 has been released. The plugin provides useful wizards to easily start working with [Aspose.Total Java APIs][2]. Through wizards you can select and download latest [Aspose Java APIs][3] and sample example codes for using them. Visit [JetBrains - IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Portal][4] to download and install Aspose.Total Java for IntelliJ IDEA latest v1.4. Aspose Docs are always available for help in Download, Installation and Usage of Aspose.Total Java for IntelliJ IDEA.
December 2, 2015 · 3 min · Adeel Ilyas

PHP Code Examples for Dealing with Microsoft Visio Diagrams

We are pleased to announce “Aspose.Diagram Java for PHP”, a new package for PHP developers. The project is aimed to provide useful examples for PHP developers who want to utilize “Aspose.Diagram for Java” in their PHP applications for creating, reading, modifying, and converting MS Visio diagrams. Aspose.Diagram for Java is an easy-to-use, high-performance, and well-documented library that works with VSD, VSDX, VSS, VST, VSX, VTX, VDW and VDX files in Java applications without the need to rely on Microsoft Office Visio®.
November 30, 2015 · 4 min · Fahad Adeel

More examples of Aspose.Cells for .NET features missing in VSTO to deal with Microsoft Excel Documents

[![][1] helps you to understand the extra features and importance of Aspose.Cells over VSTO Excel. What’s New in the release of v1.1 Save Workbook to Text or CSV Format Encrypting Excel Files Display or Hide Tabs Display or Hide Scroll Bars Display or Hide Gridline Display or Hide Row Column Headers Advanced Protection Settings since Excel XP Tracing Precedents and Dependents Adding Hyperlinks to Link Data Exisiting Examples Smart Markers Smart Markers feature Grouping Data Using Anonymous Types or Custom Objects Image Markers Using Nested Objects Converting Worksheet Converting Worksheet to Image Converting Worksheet to Image File By Page Import and Export Worksheet Import data from document Importing from Array Importing from ArrayList Importing from Custom Objects Importing from DataTable Export data from document Columns Containing Strongly Typed Data Columns Containing Non-Strongly Typed Data Conversion Conversion Download Latest Examples You can download latest examples from one of the following locations:
November 20, 2015 · 2 min · Zeeshan Shafqat

Generate and Send Linear Barcodes via e-mail using MS Dynamics CRM

Aspose .NET BarCode Generator is an open source add-on used to generate and send BarCodes from CRM via E-mail. You can configure multiple BarCodes within CRM and generate BarCode in an e-mail as you want. The configuration provides multiple symbologies options and you can also select these configurations while creating e-mail. Aspose .NET BarCode Generator can be used with CRM on-premises and CRM Online. Features in this Release The release of this add-on supports the following features:
October 27, 2015 · 1 min · Zeeshan Shafqat

Autoporting Aspose.Slides progress, April 10, 2012

When Aspose started designing products, we focused on .NET. Some of our .NET products were very popular and we created versions of them for other platforms. We now also support Java, SharePoint, SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports. The .NET and Java products are similar in many ways: they are components and APIs that software developers use when creating their own applications. In 2011, we decided to offer Aspose.Words for Java users the same features that our .
April 11, 2012 · 3 min · Caroline Von Schmalensee