Aspose launches SharePoint product line

Australia, Sydney - November 30, 2009 - Aspose has decided to add SharePoint to the platforms that they support. The first component to be launched on this platform is Aspose’s most popular product, Aspose.Words. Aspose.Words for SharePoint is the first product of its kind on the components market. It makes it possible for software developers to open, convert and combine Microsoft Word and other popular word processing files from within their SharePoint applications.
November 30, 2009 · 2 min · Caroline Von Schmalensee

Aspose launches JasperReports product range with Aspose.Slides for JasperReports

Australia, Sydney – June 25, 2008 – Aspose.Slides for JasperReports is an external exporter for JasperReports. Furthermore, it is the first product on the market that gives developers working with JasperReports the power to export reports directly from JasperReports to Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS file formats. Aspose.Slides for JasperReports joins Aspose’s existing family of Aspose.Slides products: Aspose.Slides for .NET and Aspose.Slides for Java are both well-established products. Considering the success of these products, and the repeated customer requests for a JasperReports exporter, it was logical to develop Aspose.
June 25, 2008 · 2 min · Caroline Von Schmalensee

Aspose launches SSRS product line with Aspose.Words for Reporting Services

Australia, Sydney – April 5, 2007 – After the success of its .NET and Java product lines, Aspose has decided to release its products for SQL Server Reporting Services. The first product to be released on this platform is Aspose.Word, Aspose’s award-winning word processing file component. Aspose.Words for .NET has been on the market since 2003. In that time, the class library has won several awards and gone from a file format converter to a sophisticated tool for controlling and manipulating word processing files in a .
April 5, 2007 · 2 min · Caroline Von Schmalensee