Printing Various File Types using Aspose.Total for .NET

Aspose.Total for .NET is a suite of Aspose products that allows you to work with different types of file formats in your .NET applications – Windows Forms, Web Forms, Windows Services, etc. You can not only create, read or edit different file types using these components but also convert these files to various other formats. In addition to that, these components also allow you to print various file types using your .
August 3, 2011 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

Product release Aspose.Slides for Java 2.6.0

We like to share the announcement of release of Aspose.Slides for Java 2.6.0. This is primarily a maintenance release that contains the fix for several issues shared by customers. Issues related to presentation access in PowerPoint 2010 and Linux environment have been resolved. A new parser for extracting text from PPTX using Aspose.Slides for Java has also been implemented along with support for some of missing shapes. Support for Japanese characters rendering along with missing text rendering in exported PDF’s and thumbnails has been improved in this new release.
July 25, 2011 · 1 min · Mudassir

SmartArt rendering and improved charts support included in Aspose.Slides

We feel happy to announce the news of release of Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.3.0. This is one of major product release that has included the maiden support for SmartArt rendering. Another great thing about this product is that Aspose.Slides for .NET is no longer dependent on Aspose.Cells for .NET for rendering charts. The chart support has been completely rewritten and sample codes can be found in the documentation. The missing support for scattered charts with multiple series and markers support for chart series has also been included in this new release.
July 10, 2011 · 1 min · Mudassir

Adding custom document properties and enhanced support for PowerPoint 2010 presentations included in Aspose.Slides for Java

We like to share the announcement of new release of Aspose.Slides for Java 2.5.0. This is primarily a maintenance release in which resolution for many regression issues as well as exceptions being thrown during presentations access, PDFs generations and slide cloning for both PPT and PPTX. The issues pertaining to bullets rendering have also been remedied in this new release. The compulsion of using Aspose.Metafiles for Java has also been eradicated in this release and now, one will only need to add reference to Aspose.
May 25, 2011 · 1 min · Mudassir

Convert PPTX to PPTM, PPSM, POTM and PPSX using C#

We take pride in sharing the new release of Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.2.0, which includes the maiden feature support for converting PPTX to other native formats like PPTM, PPSM and POTM. Now, support for reading macro enabled presentations has also been made possible in this release. However, support for macros in Aspose.Slides for .NET is still not been provided. Enhanced rendering support for some of new shapes has also been made available.
May 22, 2011 · 1 min · Mudassir

Aspose.Slides for SharePoint supports SharePoint 2010

I like to share the announcement of new release of Aspose.Slides for SharePoint 1.10. In this release, we have added support SharePoint 2010. To view a complete list of fixes and to download Aspose.Slides for SharePoint 1.1.0, please visit the download section.
May 3, 2011 · 1 min · Mudassir