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Fermator Empowered ERP solution for Dynamic Report Generation in MS Word and SpreadSheets Format using APIs

About Fermator Group

Fermator logo

Fermator Group is the largest mono-product manufacturer of automatic doors for lifts in the world. Fermator doors are installed worldwide for light, medium and heavy traffic duty lifts, for domestic use, offices, airports, hotels, and public buildings. With headquarters in Spain and production plants located in France, Italy, Poland, Greece, India, China, and Brazil, the Fermator Group responds effectively to the demands of all markets requiring automatic doors for lifts.

Since the first manufacturing plant started operations, … Continue Reading

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Concentra supports Mail Merge in Word Documents, their concatenation and Conversion to PDF for multi-branded batch invoices using APIs

About Concentra

Concentra logo

Concentra Consulting is a business consulting and technology services company headquartered in London, UK. The company combines its core skills in consulting, analytics, and technology to provide custom solutions including analytical models, business intelligence, and operational systems through web-based products and bespoke software development. Within the Custom Development Services team, we design, develop, and host bespoke client solutions for the B2B and B2C markets.


We needed to find another way to produce the batch and online word Continue Reading

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The Karis group implemented SalesForce document management with mail merge and print features using APIs

About The Karis group

The Karis group provides patient advocacy services to individuals who have exhausted their medical benefits and are now receiving care on a self-pay basis. Our team mediates directly between patients and providers, allowing patients to focus on their health while we focus on solutions for their bills.

Our negotiations generate large numbers of documents and to streamline our processes, we built a custom SalesForce.com solution that generates custom merge templates from our data and sends those … Continue Reading

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Enigma Solutions delivered RTF processing and PDF Rendering Capabilities using Aspose APIs

About Enigma Solutions

Enigma Solutions Logo

Enigma Solutions provides custom, scalable applications to clients all over the country. We focus particularly on workflow, integration, and performance monitoring for retail and healthcare, providing easy-to-use and reliable software.


A healthcare client who delivers hundreds of critical documents a week to scores of recipients was spending too much time and money managing paper, printer and fax machines, phone lines, email addresses, and fax numbers. To reduce the labor and expense, they needed a simple, but … Continue Reading

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Westphal Consulting Generates Dynamic Insurance Policies in PDF format using Aspose APIs

About Westphal Consulting, Inc.

Westphal Consulting was hired by a AAA-rated insurance company to develop a web-based policy generation application for professional insurance policies (not home, life, medical, etc). Insurance policies and accompanying documents are heavily regulated by federal and states. Each insurance policy differs from the state of issuance, product, insured ratings, and various endorsements included in the policy.


It has been too time-consuming to generate manual quote letters, binders, and policies for each submission received. … Continue Reading

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