Welcome to Social Coding and Goodbye to Examples Dashboard!

At Aspose, we always strive to make sure our customers get the quality products along with the best in class help and support. As part of that endeavor, we provided Examples Dashboard, so our customers could run examples from a single place using Dashboard UI. But with experience, we have learned that our customers do not need a middle layer (like Examples Dashboard) between them and the the examples because they’re the seasoned developers who love to play with the code directly.
May 8, 2015 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

Heartbleed bug - Aspose APIs are not affected with the vulnerability

The Heartbleed bug is a security vulnerability recently discovered in the OpenSSL library. Detailed information about Heartbleed bug can be found at Heartbleed.com and Wikipedia.com. We’re pleased to share with our customers that Aspose’s downloadable and Cloud APIs are not affected by this security bug. In general, Microsoft Windows and IIS are not impacted with this vulnerability. As we use Windows and IIS for all the development and deployments our systems were not impacted.
April 22, 2014 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

File Format Components for .NET Platform are Just a Click Away - Get Aspose Products from NuGet!

![Aspose.Total icon][1] extensively to search, install, and update a variety of packages from within Microsoft Visual Studio. NuGet is a Visual Studio package manager which allows you to add third party libraries into your .NET projects easily and quickly. [Installing NuGet][2] is quite easy while finding and [installing a package][3] is like a breeze. We at [Aspose][4] also want to make things simpler, easier, and faster for you. That’s why we have moved all of our .
February 17, 2012 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

Part 3: Aspose File Components for .NET and WCF – Airline Reservation, Complete Code

In the first part of this series, we had a look into an airline reservation scenario. The second blog post of this series gave you an overview of the architecture of the sample application. In this post, you’ll have a look into the complete code of this example scenario. This part will help you understand how easily you can create bar codes, tickets, invoices and send attachments with emails. It’ll also show you how you can print the invoices.
January 20, 2012 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

Part 2: Aspose File Components for .NET and WCF – Airline Reservation Example Architecture

Aspose.Total for .NET can be used in a variety of scenarios and with many different technologies and applications. In this series, we’re looking into the airline reservation scenario. We’re building a small application based on WCF, Windows Forms, and a few Aspose components for file manipulation. This is the second part of the series. You may have a look into the first part at the following URL: Part 1: Aspose File Components for .
December 21, 2011 · 3 min · Shahzad Latif

Social Coding is Good: Our Code Samples are having a Party on GitHub!

![Aspose.Total icon][1]. You can explore the code samples for learning purposes. Our code samples offer a lot to learn not only about our products but also about file formats and file processing in general. You can also contribute in any way you like; you may share any comments or suggestions. If you want to get involved in some other way, please do share with us. You may find all of the repositories on the following URLs:
December 19, 2011 · 1 min · Shahzad Latif

Part 1: Aspose File Components for .NET and WCF - Airline Reservation Example Scenario

Aspose File Format Components for .NET ![Aspose.Total icon][1] allow you to create, manipulate, convert and print various types of files in your .NET applications. These components provide APIs as .NET assemblies which can be used in different types of .NET applications i.e. Windows Forms, Web Forms, Windows Services, MVC, and WCF etc. You can use Aspose APIs to incorporate file processing features in your .NET applications small or large. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) [Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)][2] is a part of the .
December 15, 2011 · 3 min · Shahzad Latif

Create and edit documents in ASP.NET MVC applications using Aspose.Total for .NET

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to incorporate file creation and manipulation features in ASP.NET MVC applications using Aspose.Total for .NET. ASP.NET MVC is used to build patterns-based web applications in an agile development environment, while Aspose.Total for .NET provides everything to plug-in the features to create and manipulate a variety of documents. Using our .NET product suite, you can add and edit PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, bar code, TIFF, and many other file formats in your applications.
October 25, 2011 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

Using Aspose.Total for .NET with SharePoint for File Creation and Manipulation

We provide Aspose.Total for SharePoint to convert various types of documents into other file formats in SharePoint. However, if you want to add the functionality to create new documents from scratch or edit and manipulate existing documents programmatically in your SharePoint Sites, you can use Aspose.Total for .NET. Aspose.Total for .NET product suite provides different components to work with a large number of document formats. By adding these components to your SharePoint deployments, you can take your SharePoint Sites to the next level.
October 19, 2011 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif

Using Aspose.Total for .NET with DotNetNuke: Video Tutorial

Aspose.Total for .NET product suite provides a rich set of features to create and manipulate various file formats in your .NET applications. On the other hand, DotNetNuke is a comprehensive content management system based on .NET Framework. You would be glad to know that Aspose components for .NET platform work like a charm with DotNetNuke. In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use Aspose.Total for .
October 7, 2011 · 2 min · Shahzad Latif