Microsoft Project (MPP) files can contain tasks, resources, assignments, and different other project-related information. You can convert MPP files to Excel format XLSX or CSV files programmatically using C#. Please refer to the following sections for further details:

MPP to Excel XLSX or CSV File Converter – C# API Installation

Aspose.Tasks for .NET API supports creating, editing, or manipulating Microsoft Project files programmatically in .NET-based applications. Simply install the API by downloading the resource files from the New Releases section, or using the following NuGet installation command with the Package Manager tool:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Tasks

Convert MPP to Excel XLSX File Programmatically using C#

You can convert the MPP file to an Excel XLSX format file with the below steps:

  1. Read the input Project MPP file.
  2. Initialize XlsxOptions class object.
  3. Save the output Excel XLSX file.

The following code explains how to convert MPP to Excel XLSX format files with different options programmatically with C#:

Convert MPP to CSV File Programmatically with C#

CSV files are used to store comma-separated values. You can convert an MPP file to a CSV file while specifying different options like the text delimiter. Along with several properties exposed by CsvSaveOptions class, you can specify the delimiter as comma, semicolon, space, or tab, as per your requirements. Please follow the steps below for converting an MPP file to CSV programmatically in C#:

  1. Load the input MPP file using Project class.
  2. Initialize CsvOptions class instance.
  3. Save the output CSV file.

The code below shows how to convert an MPP file to a CSV file programmatically using C#:

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In this article, you have learned how to convert Microsoft Project (MPP) file to Excel XLSX or CSV format file programmatically using C#. You can work with different features of the API in .NET-based applications where you can explore the features by visiting the Documentation. In case of any concerns, please feel free to contact us at the Free Support Forum.

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