New Plugin - Aspose.Tasks Java for IntelliJ IDEA (Maven) v. released!

Aspose releases New IntelliJ IDEA Plugin to utilize Aspose.Tasks for Java API in java application comfortably. The plugin allows developers to add Microsoft Project® document manipulation capability in their applications – all without using Microsoft Project®.

Developers can control various stages of project management, such as project planning, definition and tracking. using the API – Aspose.Tasks for Java.

Developers by using the plugin’s wizards can create Aspose.Tasks for Java API based Maven projects and also download Example Source Codes in Java that shows various uses of the Aspose.Tasks for Java API

Important Features

Following plugin’s wizards help developers to easily work with Aspose.Tasks for Java API.

  • Aspose.Tasks Maven Project wizard
  • Aspose.Tasks Examples wizard

Aspose.Tasks Maven Project wizard lets you create Maven project and also configures Aspose.Tasks for Java API latest maven dependency reference and the Aspose Cloud Maven repository configurations in the project’s pom.xml. The wizard also allows you to download latest available API’s Example Source Codes from GitHub repository.

Aspose.Tasks Example wizard lets you import / copy latest downloaded Example Source Codes into the project along with the required resources for the execution of examples. Every time the wizard runs it checks for new available examples and downloads them.

The wizard currently integrates the following Aspose.Tasks examples within the IntelliJ IDEA:

Download, Installation & Usage

The source codes & binaries of the plugin is freely hosted on popular social coding sites GitHub and Codeplex.

For the installation of plugin from within IntelliJ IDEA. Please check the following useful wiki links:

  • Downloading and Installing
  • Using Aspose.Tasks Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven

Complete Plugin Documentation / Help

For the complete documentation of Aspose.Tasks Java for IntelliJ IDEA Maven plugin,

  • Please check out the confluence wiki - click here
  • Video Tutorial is also available for the plugin.

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