Aspose.Tasks for Java 9.2.0 has been released. Ported from its equivalent .NET version, this month’s release inherits the same new features and enhancements along with the bug fixes. For a detailed list of what is new and fixed, please visit our product download page. You may also like to visit our documentation section, Aspose.Tasks for Java, for public API changes that are part of this month’s release.

Import Data from Microsoft Access (MPD) Project Database

Support for Microsoft Access (MPD) Project Database: This month’s release includes a new feature of importing project data from Microsoft Access database (MPD) file. The MPDSettings class provides the interface for parameter setup of connectivity to the MPD file. The following sample code illustrates how to load project data from such a database file.

Customizing Timescale Tier Labels

Customizing Timescale Tier Labels: This month’s release also includes a new enhancement of customizing timescale tier labels according to local culture information. A new delegate method, setDateTimeConverter, has been introduced to achieve this as shown in the following code sample.

Bug Fixes

This month’s release also includes a number of bug fixes as part of the porting process from the equivalent .NET version. Details about these can be found in the product release notes of Aspose.Tasks for Java.

API Resources

  • Product Documentation – Provides complete information about system requirements, installation, Programmer’s Guide, Technical articles and API Changes
  • API Reference Guide – Provides information about the product namespaces, classes and methods
  • GitHub Examples – Ready to download and execute examples of the API
  • Forum Support – Post your queries/inquiries on Aspose.Tasks forum to get support from our technical support team.