Dear Customers,
We have released Aspose.Grid 1.7.2!
Fixes and Enhancements in this release:

  1. Added “Hierarchical View” feature in Data Binding mode.
  2. Fixed some formatting problems when running with none English locale settings.
  3. Added GridWeb.DisplayCellTip property to let you enable/disable the default tooltips of cells.
  4. Added GridWeb.NoScroll property.
  5. Improved performance of adding/deleting rows/columns.
  6. Creating hyperlinks in column headers supported.
  7. Creating cell-command in binding columns supported.
  8. Supports column headers clicking and sorting.


  1. “Click start cell then shift and/or ctrl click end cell” supported.
  2. SelectedCellRangeChanged event supported.
  3. Fixed the not supported the regular style font.
  4. SetStyle with bitmask supported.
  5. “$A$1” formula style supported.
  6. Fixed the formula styles not supported in ImportExcelFile.
  7. Fixed the font and font color bug.
  8. Mouse drag scroll supported.
  9. “Vertical text” supported.
  10. Fixed the bug of grouping same ranges more than twice.