September 2006

Issue #1

In this issue…

  • Welcome!
  • Product Spotlight - Aspose.Total
  • Aspose.Cells - New low price
  • Aspose MVP Program


Welcome to the first ever newsletter from Aspose! The Aspose newsletter will be a monthly publication used to share new and exciting news about our company, our products, upcoming products, special purchase opportunities and more. If you wish to no longer receive our newsletter, simply click here to unsubscribe and you will be removed from our mailing list.

In this month’s newsletter we will take a closer look at our spotlight product, Aspose.Total. We will also look at an appealing change in price for Aspose.Cells and our new Aspose MVP Program. We are excited about the release of the newsletter program and hope that it can be a great new medium to share helpful information and product specials.


Aspose.Total is a product suite that contains all Aspose components for one low price! To make things even better, if we release any new components within one year of your purchase they are automatically added to your suite free of charge. Download the free evaluation version of Aspose.Total today and see how it can work for you.

Also, if you are an existing customer and are interested in upgrading your purchase to the Aspose.Total suite please talk to a member of our sales staff. They will be more than glad to assist you in the process.

Aspose.Cells - New low price

We a proud to announce that Aspose.Cells is now available for as low as $599. Aspose.Cells is the most feature-rich, Excel management component on the market; therefore, this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in adding Excel file management to their custom application. Be sure to take advantage of this great new pricing and add a whole new wealth of functionality to your development tool kit.

Aspose MVP Program (Most Valuable Professional)

We are glad to introduce the new Aspose MVP program! The Aspose MVP program is our way of recognizing and rewarding outstanding individuals who not only manage to do a wonderful job for their company but also find time to make large contributions to the Aspose community. We know that when a person is highly successful in their day-to-day job, yet they still find time to assist in our community it takes a large amount of effort. Therefore, we want to take special care to say thank you to them and to let them know how much they are appreciated.