It’s not a secret that the vast majority of websites are designed for and thus best viewed with the most popular browser in the world by Microsoft. That was the main reason for me to use Internet Explorer rather than “alternative” browsers which were apparently much more fast and convenient than IE 6. Indeed, running one instance per site instead of handy tabbed browsing was a really bad idea…

And here it comes. Welcome IE 7 Final! It’s really faster, simpler, user friendlier… and really tabbed . Here’s a list of the most important features:

  • Simplified user interface (unnesessary items were removed, maximizing the area devoted for the webpages).
  • Tabbed browsing (finally…).
  • RSS feeds (cool!).
  • Advanced printing (scales a printed webpage so that it’s not wider than the paper it will be printed on + other features).
  • Improved security (phishing filter, anti-spoofing + many other).
  • Improved platform (improved CSS 2.1, AJAX and many more).

The browser is available to download at