Aspose has created a plugin for the JetBrains IDE that lets Java developers download and install Aspose APIs from within IntelliJ IDEA. By using the plugin’s Aspose Project Wizard feature and selecting the required Aspose APIs in this step by step wizard, the plugin creates a Java project where you can just start using the Aspose APIs powerful file processing features. A cool thing about this plugin is that it integrates with IntelliJ IDEA in the native flow.

How to Install Aspose Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

The Aspose Project Wizard plugin is listed on IntelliJ IDEA’s official website, so you don’t need to download it manually and install it from disk, but an option still exists in IntelliJ IDEA.


Aspose Plugin can be easily installed from the IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Repository enlisting the Aspose Project Wizard plugin. To open it:

  1. Select Settings from the File menu.
  2. Click Plugins, then browse the repositories in IntelliJ IDEA.

This plugin will introduce a new project type - Aspose Application - into IntelliJ IDEA, which will enable you to create Aspose Java API projects.

Aspose Application

The desired Aspose APIs can be selected to be included in your Java application when creating a new project.

1. Select New Project.
2. Select Aspose Application
3. Click Next.
 4. Select **Aspose API(s)** from the list and click **Next**. 
5. Provide a **Project Name** and **Location** just like when creating any Java application.
`6. Click **Finish**. This downloads the selected libraries.` 

An Aspose API Java project is created and the downloaded Aspose API JARs are added to the classpath.

You can now start building your own application with Aspose APIs

Source Code Available

Aspose Project Wizard for JetBrains is open source and its source code is available on the major social coding websites listed below. Developers can extend the functionality if they want or learn from it to make their own plugins.