Technical Article – Converting a worksheet to an image using the ImageOrPrint Options of Aspose.Cells for .NET

In this article we will look at converting worksheets to images using Aspose.Cells for .NET. This article is designed to give developers a detailed understanding of how to convert a worksheet to an image file and apply different image and print options for the generated image, like set its resolution, tiff compression, image format and page quality etc. You can find the complete article here.

Tutorial Video – How to add static text into a Flash movie

In this video tutorial, we will demonstrate how to add static text into a Flash movie using Aspose.Flash for .NET. You can view the video here.

Migration from MS Office Automation to Aspose – Aspose.Network for .NET

In this month’s newsletter we include examples for migrating your Microsoft Office Automation code for sending a meeting request to a recipient, to Aspose.Network for .NET. You can find the detailed article with complete code here.

New Releases and Updates

  1. Aspose.Metafiles for Java v1.6.1 - Improved WMF to PNG text rendering
  2. Aspose.Words for .NET v8.1.0 - Field engine improvements
  3. Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports v1.1.0 - Supports Identcode and Matrix 2 of 5 symbologies

Product Spotlight

[][4] helps to extend the potential of that powerful combination even further. Aspose.Flash for .NET is a non-graphical, .NET Flash management component which enables developers to dynamically manipulate and generate Flash content directly from their .NET applications. Aspose.Flash for .NET is written in native C# and is lightening fast. [Download][5] the free evaluation version today to see how Aspose.Flash for .NET can work for you.

[4]: using Flash content in conjunction with the powerful .NET framework have the ability to produce some of the highest quality, feature rich sites in existence today. [Aspose.Flash for .NET]( [5]: