Aspose DNN Module and Theme Development Template is designed specifically for Visual Studio 2013. It provides a quick and easy way to create DNN modules and DNN themes for DNN 7+. This module development template can automatically download Aspose APIs and seamlessly integrate them into your DNN module project during project creation.

This initial version for Visual Studio 2013 provides the following features:

  • Supports all versions of Visual Studio 2013.
  • Create DNN modules using C# or VB.NET.
  • Create DNN modules using the new DAL2 data access layer available in DNN 7 for C# or VB.NET.
  • Includes a separate DNN Theme project template.
  • Select one or more Aspose APIs during module creation.
  • The latest version of the selected Aspose APIs are automatically downloaded and its dll reference automatically added to the project along with required using statements in View control.

Download, Installation and Usage

Please check the links below to find instructions on downloading, installing, configuring and using these development templates.

  • Downloading and Installing
  • Using and Video Demo

Looking for Template that Supports older versions of Visual Studio?

We have a separate development template that supports older versions of Visual Studio. Please click here to download.

Customer Feedback

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