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Over the past year we’ve introduced a number of new products, our full Aspose.SharePoint range, the very recent addition of Aspose.Diagram for .NET and Aspose.Network for Java as well as the constant updates of Aspose.Total. Going forward we don’t plan to stand still, we’re heavily investing in our full product range as well as R&D to bring you new file format related products that will help make your life easier and revolutionise your applications.

Despite this impressive portfolio our prices have remained the same for over five years. To allow us to continue providing excellent technical support as well as progressing the Aspose product portfolio we will be raising our prices on July 1st.

In the meantime, please feel free to purchase before July 1st to beat the price increase.

App Stores and the Fun of Buying Software.

I was recently browsing the AppStore and came across a nice little app called “Commodore 64”, as an 80’s child I couldn’t resist. I paid my money and started creating some pretty innovative software.

Browsing the in-app purchases took me way back! I remember the weeks of impatient saving and the highly anticipated trip to the shop to buy the latest game. I bought Last Ninja III and was playing it within a minute. I’m sad to say that after about five minutes the notion had passed and it was relegated to my pile of apps I’m unlikely to use again.

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts: has the fun been taken out of buying software or is the AppStore’s way of doing things much more enjoyable? Some Aspose goodies will make their way to the most interesting reader story.

(At Aspose, we only offer electronic delivery of our products; we hope that this doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of the software!)

Many thanks,
John Owens, Aspose Scotland Team Leader

Too busy to evaluate?

If you are too busy to evaluate our products, take the shortcut of a good conversation with our sales team. They are keen to answer your questions, no matter how detailed. Contact sales today.

Announcing Aspose.Words 10 for .NET and Java

![Aspose.Words icon.][3] or [Aspose.Words or Java][4] today.

Changes to Licensing

Some of our users find our license types and subscriptions confusing. To make them easier to understand, we have re-organised the purchase section of the website and renamed the license types. The new license names are: Developer Small business, Developer OEM, Site Small Business, Site OEM. The Small Business licenses map on to what was previously known as Enterprise licenses. If you have any questions, read our new FAQs, or contact the sales team. The End User License Agreement has been updated to reflect these changes.

Find Aspose on devtoolcafe and Add your Review

devtoolcafe provides a hub for the developer tool marketplace community, enabling developers to benefit from the community’s knowledge and experience of the available tools & components. devtoolcafe launched May 2011. Aspose supports communities and have a presence on devtoolcafe. To get the community talking, devtoolcafe are entering anyone who [writes a review into a cash draw][5]. Go on, review our products and you may win some money!

Product Spotlight – Find out all about the Aspose.Pdf products merge

![Aspose.Words icon][6]. If you use Aspose.Pdf or Aspose.Pdf.Kit, the blogs gives you insight into what’s coming. They also give you a chance to take part in the discussion on the forums or around the posts.

Technical Article – Producing multiple documents in a mail merge with Aspose.Words for Java

A typical mail merge using Aspose.Word for Java creates just one document, for example an invoice or a letter. To create more than one document, repeat the mail merge several times and produce a separate document for each of the records in your data source. This article describes the process of looping though the rows in a table, loading a documents and performing a mail merge for each row. It comes complete with sample source code. [Read the article][7].

Tutorial Video – Synchronizing files in SharePoint document library with Dropbox

Aspose.Network for SharePoint provides email conversion as well as email and file synchronization. It supports several different servers, including Dropbox. This video tutorial describes how to synchronize files between Microsoft SharePoint document library and Dropbox in three easy steps and just under 2 minutes. Watch the tutorial.

Migration Tip - Wrapping text in cells in Aspose.Cells for .NET and VSTO

Sometimes, the text entered into a cell is longer than the cell is wide. Making the cell wider affects the entire column, so often the best solution is to wrap the text in the cell, automatically making the cell tall enough to contain all the text. In a .NET environment, you can do this using VSTO, or you can do it using Aspose.Cells. This tip shows you how.

Keep in Touch

There are several ways for you to keep in touch with us. The monthly newsletter is a way for us to keep in touch with you, but we are always interested in hearing from you.

[Post a question on our forums][8]. They are not just about problems: you can post features requests, sales queries or comments about the website.

[Connect with us on Facebook][9]. We post updates on Facebook and Twitter to make it easy to keep in touch with us.

[Write to the editor][10]. If you have anything you would like to share with us and our readers, why not write to the editor?

New Releases and Updates

  1. [Aspose.Total for .NET][11] – a compilation of our latest .NET products.
  2. [Aspose.Cells for .NET][12] 5.3.3 – render checkboxes in HTML, justified alignment in PDF and other new features and fixes.
  3. [Aspose.Words for .NET][13] 10.0.0 – table of content improvements and a large number of fixes.
  4. Aspose.Pdf for .NET 5.2.1 – introduces image height control and a number of fixes, including PDF/A non-compliance.
  5. [Aspose.Slides for .NET][14] 5.2.0 – support for PPTM, PPSM & POTM formats and a number of fixes.
  6. [Aspose.Tasks for .NET][15] 3.7.1 - adds feature for reading data from MPP files and a couple of fixes.
  7. [Aspose.Diagram for .NET][16] 1.1.0 – adds feature for reading data from VSD files.
  8. [Aspose.Total for Java][17] – a compilation of our latest Java products.
  9. [Aspose.Words for Java][18] 10.1 – table of content improvements and a large number of fixes.
  10. [Aspose.BarCode for Java][19] 2.6.0 – adds OPC and Leitcode barcode recognition and generation, and VIN barcode recognition.
  11. [Aspose.Total for Reporting Services][20] – a compilation of our latest Reporting Services products.
  12. [Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services][21] 2.2.0 – a number of fixes and TOC management enhancements.
  13. [Aspose.Total for JasperReports][22] – a compilation of our latest JasperReports products.
  14. [Aspose.Slides for JasperReports][23] 1.6.0 – a couple of fixes for issues with export and image scaling.
  15. Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports 1.5.0 – adds Deutsche Post Leitcode and OPC barcode generation.
  16. [Aspose.Total for SharePoint][24] – a compilation of our latest SharePoint products.

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[3]: 10 for .NET and Java have been released. The version 10.0 release represents a bold leap in functionality for Aspose.Words for Java. Version 10 adds a host of new features, from support for Wordprocessing ML 2003 and MHTML, nested mail merge regions, render to XPS and SWF, support for Custom XML and Structured Document Tags, DrawingML, footnotes, end notes and much more. A new release of Aspose.Words for .NET and Java is released on the 30th of the month: the very latest version is 10.1. Download [Aspose.Words for .NET]( [4]: [5]: [6]: the March newsletter, we mentioned that Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Pdf.Kit will get merged into one product. Since then, we have made good progress. Shahzad Latif, one of our developers, has been blogging about the project. In the last couple of weeks he has written a sneak peek of the merged product, an introduction to the merged API, a comparison of two approaches to performing a number of operations using the new product and an article about [combining DOM API and Facade features]( [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: