Adelaide DotNet is a monthly meeting of professional and enthusiast software developers, discussing all things .NET (Microsoft and open source), as well as languages, web frameworks, IoT, cloud, back end, testing, mobile and other related topics.

Aspose loves getting behind local user groups which is why we are sponsoring the next meet up of the Adelaide .NET user group:

What’s in Store?

  • Two presentations this month from local talent
  • Talks about IoT, Node.js + Azure
  • Pizzas & Networking
  • Talks on Parallelism


Jack Ni

Highly skilled in the field of enterprise software solution development, mobile app (Xamarin) development , IoT(Raspberry/WinCE) development and delivery, Jack is currently working on a working on a business solution involving Raspberry Pi, Mobile app Dev using Xamarin and Azure Cloud.

George Georgiou

An Adelaide developer who loves .net, LINQ, computers, 3D graphics and has more than enough things he’s interested in to keep him from being bored well past his 70s and by then there will most likely be even more “things to poke around with” on his to do list

When and Where?

  • On Saturday, 10 August 2016 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at 273 Hindley St in Adelaide

What’s the Price?

  • Price of entry is just $10

Press Contact

Telephone (Australia): +61 2 8006 6987