Aspose.Slides for Android logo Over the years, the Aspose.Slides product family has been a leading rendering service used to manage PowerPoint presentations, creating presentations from scratch and exporting them to PDF, XPS and other image formats. The existing Aspose.Slides family includes API components for .NET, Java, SQL Reporting Services, SharePoint services, Cloud and Jasper Reports.

Coming Soon: Aspose.Slides for Android

With the demands of the growing Android developer community for processing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on mobile devices, we created a new component specifically for Android. We like to officially announce that we will soon have a new member of the Aspose.Slides product family for managing the PowerPoint presentations on Android: Aspose.Slides for Android.

Based on Aspose.Slides for Java

This new component has been built on top of our award winning product Aspose.Slides for Java, and inherits all the features and capabilities from that product except rendering options. The component empowers Android developers to work with PowerPoint presentations in their applications without any dependence on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Like other members of the Aspose.Slides product family, Aspose.Slides for Android will allow developers to create simple or complex presentations, incorporating slide transitions and animations effects, adding different types of shapes supported in Microsoft PowerPoint, working with MSO charts, managing OLE frames, manipulating SmartArt shapes, using PowerPoint tables and ActiveX objects.

At present Aspose.Slides for Android does not offer rendering support and you cannot convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF, XPS, TIFF, PDF notes, SVG and slide thumbnails in formats like BMP, PNG and JPEG. However, we are working on these features and subsequent releases of Aspose.Slides for Android shall inherit rendering support from Aspose.Slides for Java.

Stay Tuned

If you have been planning to build PowerPoint presentations using Android applications with advanced file creation, conversion, and manipulation features then your wait is soon over. Aspose.Slides for Android, due for release very shortly, will bring great processing features to the Android platform.

Stay tuned for further updates including details about how this product works. As always we encourage you to share any feature requests or ask any related questions in our forums.