Welcome to the August 2012 edition of the Saaspose Newsletter. This newsletter highlights the information about latest updates in APIs, exciting new features and the informative blogs. Keep your fingers crossed for the useful tip revealed in “Tip of the Month” section.

Tip of the Month: Integrate Amazon S3 Storage with Saaspose API We have recently integrated Amazon S3 Storage with Saaspose API. Now, you can keep your files on Amazon S3 and use Saaspose API to process those files. It is quite simple and easy to configure Amazon S3 Storage with Saaspose. Once setup you can use Saaspose API to manage those files. We have also integrated Saaspose.Slides with Amazon S3 so you could upload your presentations on Amazon S3 Storage and process them using Saaspose.Slides. We have added examples to work with this external storage as well. Our team is working on integrating other Saaspose APIs with Amazon S3. We’re also integrating our APIs with other cloud storage services. Please keep in touch for the latest information about external storage integration.

Best of Saaspose API Blogs

Stay tuned with the recent updates, features and announcements of Saaspose APIs through Saaspose Blog.

Latest From the Documentation We have added many examples for various features of Saaspose File Format APIs in our documentation during the month of July. Our team has put great efforts to update the documentation for Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Pdf, Saaspose.Cells, Saaspose.Barcode, Saaspose.Slides and Saaspose.OCR. We have added examples related to various features of these file format APIs; for example, find and replace text in workbooks, convert presentations to other file formats, extract image text from local file, create barcode and save image, get OLE drawing objects, shapes and charts, execute mail merge template, add watermark text and image, delete all slides from a presentation etc. You may view a complete list of examples for each API in the following announcement posts:

Saaspose API SDK Updates During the month of July 2012, we have introduced new features in our SDKs for different programming languages like .NET, Java, and PHP. There is a list of features available for each API on Github and you can download the required SDK. The new features are added in most of our APIs such as Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Cells, Saaspose.Slides etc. These features include replacing text in a slide, merging two PDF documents, getting a specific chart from the worksheet, deleting all slides from a presentation, save a specific picture from a specific worksheet as image, etc. For more details, you may refer to the following announcement:

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