Aspose.Report for .NET 2.1.0 has been released. This release supports gloss effect in the Pie charts and includes more features for LegendBox customization. You can create visually appealing Pie charts with the help of gloss effect feature. Aspose.Report for .NET was already providing many features for LegendBox customization and a new feature has been included in these features which enables you to set the LegendBox margin from the Axis lines.

This release also includes the features to set images as point markers in a Point chart, background image of Gantt chart bars and plot negative data points on a stacked bar chart. These features open new options for you to customize your charts.

Features to display labels on the left side of Axis and enable major/minor marks on the Axis are also present for Radar charts in this release.

Now you can control the visibility of the filter buttons on page 2 of the AdHoc.Web component if you are using Aspose.Report for .NET to build queries.

To view a complete list of new features and fixes and to download new release of Aspose.Report for .NET, please visit Download Page