Aspose might need your data sometimes for fixing or improving different features of the APIs. We understand your data security and privacy concerns so we take the necessary steps for transmitting and protecting the data.

The following are the common file sharing scenarios:

It is always recommended to ZIP your files before uploading to the forum because only a few file formats including PDF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, and GIF can be uploaded without zipping.

Moreover, you can always replace original information with dummy data if you are concerned about the original data. As far as you can reproduce the issue with that file.

Share Small Files via Free Support Forums

Please note that all the attachments over Aspose Forums are accessible to the Topic owner and Aspose Staff only. So it is always safe to share files via Aspose Free Support Forums. You can easily drag and drop the files into the post editor while replying to a post, or you can click the attachments icon to select files from disk.

However, there is a file size limitation that the files up to 10 MB size can be uploaded at forums. If the data size exceeds this limit then you can utilize 3rd Party File Hosting Services as discussed below.

Share Large Files via 3rd Party Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc

You can share large files via 3rd Party File Hosting Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and many others. However, before sharing a public access link in the forum, you might want to ensure authorized access to the data.

By default, every new topic in the Free Support Forums is ‘Public’ unless you mark the ‘Private Topic’ checkbox while creating it. If you have already created a Pubic Topic and want to share the file link there. Then you can Edit the very first post and mark the ‘Private Topic’ checkbox. The following labeled animation shows how easily you can change a Public Topic to a Private Topic in 3 clicks.

Share files with Aspose

After ensuring that your topic is private, you can share the link to the files. However, it is worth mentioning here that Private Topics will be accessible only when you are logged into your account.

Share License File via Private Message

We always recommend sharing the license files via Private Message to a Staff Member. Make sure there is an admin badge when you open a profile and then click on the Blue colored message icon to send a license via Private Message. We have attached the following screenshot for your kind reference:

Data Security Privact Aspose

If you are not able to send a private message then you might be facing an anti-spam check which does not allow sending private messages right after the Sign-Up, until a new profile earns a specific trust level. For such a scenario, you can request the admin to upgrade your profile’s trust level.

Share Files via Paid Support Helpdesk

Please note that all the communication at Paid Support Helpdesk is ‘Private’ by default and you can freely attach your data there.

File Retention Policy and Nondisclosure Terms

All the products from Aspose are executed on your machines and network. They do not transmit any data to Aspose for processing purposes. However, only the API usage information is processed in the case of a Metered License. Moreover, if you share some files with us for fixing some issues then the data is kept as long as necessary for the respective issues. Moreover, we also comply with the Nondisclosure Terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). You can further read all the details by taking an overview of the File Retention Policy and the NONDISCLOSURE terms in Section 8 of the EULA.

In short, Aspose follows the best and most secure industrial practices to protect your data and information. So, please feel free to share the requested data with us. Cheers!