Evaluation only - Created with Aspose

You can face some exceptions in your applications while working with Aspose APIs if there is some problem with license validation. In such cases, the exception may have the description like: “Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose. Copyright 2003-2020 Aspose Pty Ltd”, “At most 4 elements (for any collection) can be viewed in evaluation mode”, or “This document was truncated here because it was created using Aspose API in Evaluation Mode”. Moreover, you can notice evaluation watermark or truncated pages in output files. Let us explore the quick solution for troubleshooting such issues.

There can be the following main scenarios while facing the issue with licensing:

Do not Have a License File to Evaluate the API

If you are new to Aspose APIs and are facing the evaluation limitations. You can request a free temporary license on Step 5 as per the guide at How to Buy Aspose License? The only pre-requisite is a non-public domain email address. For example, email addresses with public domains like xyz@gmail.com, xyz@yahoo.com, etc. do not qualify for free temporary licenses. Once you receive the license file, you can evaluate Aspose APIs in their full capacity and proceed to purchase the license once you are satisfied with the product.

Already Purchased a License, or have a Free Temporary License

You have received a free license or purchased it already, but still facing the evaluation limitations? Visit the respective API documentation and make sure that the license is set properly. For example, you are working with Aspose.Words for .NET API then you can visit the Licensing article under the Getting Started section in the Documentation. There you can find the following C# code for setting the license:

Likewise, you can find the licensing related code in the Documentation of each API. Once you set the license successfully, the evaluation limitations like Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose. Copyright 2003-2020 Aspose Pty Ltd, only 4 elements processing (for example, only 4 pages, 4 form fields, etc., document’s pages or content truncation, etc will be resolved.

Recent Upgrade to a Newer Version of Aspose APIs

Another reason for facing any of these exceptions can be your recent upgrade to the latest version of Aspose API. Or the upgrade to a specific version released after the Date of Expiry of your license. You may also see the error message as: The subscription included in this license allows free upgrades until DD MMM YYYY. This version of the product was released on DD MMM YYYY. Please renew the subscription or use a previous version of the product. However, please note that the license is perpetual and you can keep using it for the versions which were released prior to the Date of Expiry. The expiry date is specified in the YYYYMMDD tag of your license file. You can check it by opening it with the Notepad application. In such cases, you need to renew your license if you need to upgrade to a newer version of Aspose APIs. Moreover, you can always contact us at Free Support Forum and we will be glad to assist you.