Did you have a look at the above image? Please have a look again and look closely! This is just a glimpse of all the file formats we work on everyday at Aspose; and there are many more formats.

We have helped a lot of customers and developers add file format management capabilities in their products during the past decade. We stand by our customers to support them in building great products having file format processing features.

However, some customers find it difficult to get started quickly due to the availability of so many file processing APIs at Aspose, supporting so many formats and offering a lot of features. That’s why we’re introducing this new free consulting service for our valued customers and developers.

The process is very simple. You just have to have an idea of the requirements of a small project including a feature set of file processing APIs offered by Aspose. The project should be doable in 8 or less working hours by a single developer. It must be related to Aspose APIs. It should help you understand the usage of our APIs in your custom scenario.

You can provide us requirements, along with platform details like operating system and development environment. You can also share the input and required output documents or examples. Any other information that can help us understand your needs and requirements would be helpful for us to provide you a solution quickly.

Once we have the above information, we’ll start working on your custom free consulting project, for you and your team to understand the usage of Aspose APIs easily and quickly. This will help you jump right into your next big project or milestone.

Please note that this should not be a bug report about our APIs or a new feature request to be supported by Aspose APIs. If you have such a request then please post it in our free support forums where our dedicated support team will help you quickly to sort it out.

You can find more details on Free Consulting Project page and initiate your request as well. So, let’s get started!