We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose for Java 1.1 JetBrains Plugin, which will support Aspose for Java API example code creation with a couple of options in IntelliJ IDEA.

With the inclusion of the Aspose Example option in the New menu of IntelliJ IDEA, provided through the plugin, developers can now get the Aspose API sample codes for their Aspose for Java APIs from the Aspose for Java Examples repository into their projects without having to download and then copy them.

To get Aspose example code into your project, open an existing Aspose for Java project or create a new Aspose for Java project with the Aspose Project Wizard:

  1. Select an Aspose for Java API.
  2. Click Finish.
    The wizard downloads the selected APIs and creates the project.

Then follow the below steps to get the Aspose for Java API examples into the IntelliJ Java project :

  1. Select New from the File menu, OR right-click the new project and select New.

  2. Click Aspose Example.

    Aspose Example option
    The Aspose Example dialog appears.

  3. Select the Aspose for Java API from the list.

    Aspose Example dialog The selected Java API examples are shows in a tree format.

  4. Select the example code you want.

    Aspose Example Selection
    The selected example source code is inserted into the src folder within a newly created package in the project as shown below:Aspose Java API Example

Congratulations! The downloaded and created example is ready to be evaluated or enhanced.

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