About HICT


HICT is a Belgian company founded in 2004 with the goal to develop deep expertise in healthcare on an innovative consulting concept. From the very beginning, HICT has challenged the various evolutions within the healthcare sector through a model where the market requirements interact with the vision of HICT’s multi-disciplinary team.

For one of the major suppliers of Medical Devices, HICT wrote an extensive bi-directional integration component to fully integrate the former stand-alone devices into a generic hospital infrastructure. The integration component has been able to support numerous workflows and infrastructures:

  • HL7 ADT v2.x communication with Patient Administration System, both in a responsive way as in a query & response scenario.
  • Comprehensive management of a Medical Device’s Worklist with the possibility for automatic, semi-manual or manual management.
  • Medical Device Report parsing in a multitude of formats, amongst the most used has been MS Word and PDF formats.
  • Communication with Result Server System in a multitude of formats, with possibilities to stream results, generate new PDF reports, etc.

Requirements Scenario

A newly requested feature by some of the important customers was to implement PDF report generation capabilities in Integration Component based on the dynamically produced set of information. The information contained in the report needs to be medical information and has been subject to strict privacy and patient safety regulations.

Solution Implementation

After research, the Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.PDF for .NET components were chosen. The main reasons were the ease of implementation.


The Aspose .NET components are very lightweight, managed code, and provide structured exception handling, etc. allowing software manufacturers to implement non-core functionality without hassle.

Other key features include:


For this project, the components gave us more than what we bargained for. The implementation was a breeze; the added value ensured full customer satisfaction.

For future projects, where components might be required, Aspose is definitely the first place we will look. If they provide what we need, the search stops at Aspose.

**Pascal Sabbe
**IT Project Lead
HICT Belgium