About Qualetech

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Qualetech is a startup based in Paris, France. We provide customer-specific services to our clients using mainly Microsoft technologies.

Qualetech is the editor of Visiodoc, an Electronic Content Management Software which can be used in both Saas or in-house mode. The Visiodoc server can generate previews for each page of a given file, search in its content, read barcodes from it, and OCR the file if it’s a scanned document.


As an ECM, Visiodoc should give the users the possibility to preview/read the files directly in the browser. The search engine must search in files content too.

To answer those two problems, we needed a library that can reliably Preview and Extract the text of each page in a document, relatively fast, and for a large possible file type.


Taking into consideration the number of file types that Aspose.Total for .NET can process, the maturity of the product (more than 10 years), .net compatibility, and the good experience we had with Aspose support team, we can tell that as of 2018 there is no alternative to Aspose.Total for .NET that can fulfill all of our expectations.

In Visiodoc, like any ECM, users can upload files, any type of files:

File upload UI

Figure 1:- Upload UI

Visiodoc engine will start generating previews of each page, and extracting text to make it available for search. Users can view the file in the browser:

Visiodoc generating preview of pages

Figure 2:- Preview generation of pages

And read any page of it in a very comfortable way:

Text extracted from documents

Figure 3:- Read content of pages

Aspose.Total for .NET is fast enough to show to the users the previews within seconds after the import, that’s one of our important requirement taken in consideration in choosing Aspose.


Y.Loudad has used Aspose products since 2010 when he was Lead Developer in his previous position in another company. He had a good experience with Aspose products and the support team. Aspose.PDF for .NET and Aspose.Barcode for .NET was used to process more than 3000 documents a day for more than 2 years and the use of Aspose in this project was a clear success to everybody.

The implementation was straightforward. We really focused on our architecture and Aspose got to fit in very easily. Our architecture is highly optimized for performance and multithreading, and again there has been no problem in using Aspose.Total for .NET.

We met all of our technical objectives and we will launch our product in the coming months, where we will see the outcome of our work. The volume of files sent by the user should be enough challenging for our architecture and we are confident that Aspose.Total for .NET will meet our expectations.

Next Steps

We are keeping a close eye on Aspose.Total for C++, it should be faster so maybe we will use it for some special file types, where the .NET version might not be fast enough, considering the eventual volume that we should process. This decision needs the product to be already launched.


Our overall experience with Aspose products was very positive. We think that the .NET business world wouldn’t have been the same without Aspose.Total for .NET. We have worked on a lot of business projects and few of them didn’t include Aspose. We like the fact that Aspose.Total is a complete offer, so we do not need to have multiple libraries to achieve our client’s objectives. We do definitely recommend Aspose to anyone developing business projects in .NET.