About Zivver

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ZIVVER is an innovative startup that builds solutions that put organizations and people in control of how information is shared. With pioneering software that prevents data leaks before you’ve even pressed the send button when sending an e-mail, chat message, or shared a file. Removing any concerns about sharing sensitive information within the organization or externally so you can focus on what really matters: delivering high-quality products and services to your customers.

ZIVVER ensures your organization shares information securely by e-mail, chat, or file transfer in a way that prevents data leaks without people having to change how they work. A simple, secure, user-friendly solution that provides foolproof protection using the same programs and Apps you and your colleagues have always used, ZIVVER provides unique protection against the most common causes of data leaks: (internal) human error and (external) hackers.


For our service, we wanted to be able to process both Microsoft Office documents, such as .docx files and also PDF files. We wanted to be able to read the content as well as add transformations, such as saving a .docx file as a .pdf. Also, we wanted to be able to add password protection and watermark to PDF files. Being able to do so is very important to our solution and our clients and forms one of the core features of our platform. It was therefore extremely important we used a solution that is both reliable and stable.


We choose Aspose as it proved to be the most reliable and stable solution around. We include its java-project in our back-end. We feed the library with both Office Documents as well as PDF’s and get either plain text or modified documents as output. We provide the user with the options from within our applications and integrations such as from within Outlook.

Preview of ZIVVER to add documents

Figure 1: ZIVVER adds document modification options from within Outlook using Aspose


We tried several other free and paid solutions, but all of them had limitations that were too great for our use-case. Most of the problems with our solutions arose in converting Microsoft Office files to PDF. Only Aspose proved to do this perfectly every time. We used the trial version of Aspose during the development of our platform.

The integration of Aspose with our backend in Java was easy and the clear Documentation and Examples provided ensured that we didn’t run into any problems. We launched our platform in June 2016 with Aspose as one of the core components. To date, we didn’t run into any problems and are able to provide high value to our customers.

Next Steps

In the next coming months, we are going to experiment with the Aspose.OCR for Java library. The technology looks very promising and hopefully works just as great as the other libraries we use.


To date, the experience with Aspose has been great as it provides what we have been looking for. I would greatly recommend to at least experiment with the product in case you want to process and modify popular document types.