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We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.OCR for Java 1.7.0. In this release we have introduced Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). The Aspose.OMR package can be used to recognize different marked elements in a scanned image. Recognition is processed based on a template that contains graphical mapping of the elements to be recognized from the scanned images. Programmers can now load templates and images, and extract data based on these. Check out the detailed technical article on How to use Aspose.OCR API to perform OMR operations.

Here is a look at just a few of the biggest features in this month’s release.

OMR Elements

The Aspose.OMR package provides the capability to extract data from a scanned image for the following OMR Elements:

  1. Choice box
  2. Check box
  3. Grid
  4. Barcode
  5. OCR text

Extract Barcode Data from OMR Forms

The BarcodeElement class is now available in the com.aspose.omr package which can be used to recognize a barcode from a scanned image. Aspose.OMR uses the Aspose.BarCode API to extract barcode information from OMR forms, therefore it is essential to add reference to aspose.barcode.jar to any project that uses barcode extraction.

Extract Text Data from OMR Forms

During the document recognition process you may also extract an additional element - text. For this, developers need to incorporate the Aspose.OCR API in their projects because text recognition support is provided through Aspose.OCR’s core and template editor components. Check out the detailed article on Extracting Text from Scanned OMR Form.

Please visit the documentation for details. Also check the following link to download the API and further details on what’s new in Aspose.OCR for Java 1.7.0.