Aspose.XPS for .NET

We at Aspose are honored to announce the launching of new product family Aspose.XPS. We are going to release Aspose.XPS API soon for .NET platforms with the name of Aspose.XPS for .NET (now Aspose.Page for .NET). Aspose.XPS library is intended to perform conversion of XPS documents into other file formats (and vice versa). Along with that, it will also offer features to create, edit, and save XPS documents in .NET applications. Since it is designed for .NET platforms, you will be able to use it in your .NET applications e.g. Widows Forms Application, Console Applications, ASP.NET Web Applications, etc.

Features Offered by Aspose.XPS for .NET

The initial release of Aspose.XPS for .NET will offer features of creating new XPS documents as well as manipulating existing XPS documents. We also aim to provide features of converting XPS documents into other file formats and vice versa, however, those features are under development and will definitely be included in later versions of the API. For now, Aspose.XPS for .NET will offer its classes with rich functionalities to create, edit and save XPS documents. An initial list of the features offered by the API will be:

  • Dealing with XPS Documents in order to create and edit them.
  • Working with pages of XPS Documents i.e. Adding and Removing Pages.
  • Working with Elements i.e. Canvases, Paths and Glyphs.
  • Creating vector graphics shapes (Path element) using a set of primitives (elliptical arcs, Bezier curve segments and straight-line segments).
  • Creating text strings (Glyphs element).
  • Grouping elements (Canvas element) to treat a group as a whole.
  • Manipulating the appearance of graphics and text strings via their properties (setting/changing fill/stroke/opacity mask).
  • Using brushes of different types i.e. solid color brush, image brush (raster image as a tile), visual brush (vector shape as a tile), linear-gradient brush and radial gradient brush.
  • Specifying colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB and any space-based on ICC profile.

First Version Availability

We are working over finalizing tasks related to the first release of the API and intend to release Aspose.XPS for .NET soon. Like other APIs offered by Aspose, Aspose.XPS for .NET will also come to .NET platforms with fully featured demos and examples written in C#. We are also working overbuilding public API Documentation for Aspose.XPS for .NET. API docs and provided examples will help the developer to build a good understanding for using API components and implement their features.

In order to stay updated with further news on the availability of the first version of Aspose.XPS for .NET, please stay tuned. You can also post your inquiries about this API in our Aspose.XPS Support Forum. It will be our pleasure to assist you accordingly.