Saaspose is a cloud based REST API which works with a variety of file formats. It allows you to process documents, presentations, worksheets, PDF files, emails, and many other file formats. Every business application needs to work with different file formats. In order to process a wide variety of file formats, you need a solution which is elegant and reliable, easy to learn and quick to implement, and provides all the features you need in one place. Saaspose offers you a suite of platform and language independent REST APIs which provides a rich set of features to manipulate a large number of file formats. It allows you to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Emails, OCR and barcodes. You can create new documents from scratch, convert existing files to other formats, or modify contents of various file formats. These REST APIs help you work with text, images, annotations, bookmarks, watermarks, signatures and many other features of various file formats. You can add these elements in the files, modify existing elements or remove these items from the files using Saaspose file format APIs. Using Saaspose REST APIs is quite easy. You can access these APIs in two different ways: direct REST or SDKs. The direct REST method allows you to access the API features through the REST URIs and process your files in your favorite language on the platform of your choice. This method gives you complete control on the way you perform different operations and get results. You get the flexibility of creating the requests and responses as you like. While SDKs are the wrappers written on these REST URIs, which expose easier to use interfaces so that you can use the APIs without much effort. By using SDKs, you can call simple SDK methods to perform various actions. Currently, we have created SDKs for the Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby platforms. The SDKs for other platforms are being developed and will be available soon. You can get the available SDKs from the following locations:

  • Saaspose SDK for .NET
  • Saaspose SDK for Java
  • Saaspose SDK for PHP
  • Saaspose SDK for Ruby

In order to understand how easy it is to use Saaspose cloud APIs for different file formats, you can go through the examples given in the following documentation sections:

  • REST Examples for file format APIs
  • SDK Examples for file format APIs

The first step to get started with Saaspose file format APIs is to create an account at Saaspose and get your application information (App Key and App SID). You can use this application information to use the APIs with any language and platform. You can upload your files on the server using the API or the web interface. You can also keep track of the operations you perform with the help of the web interface on Saaspose website. We have various packages and you can select any one based on your needs; however, we offer a free development account for testing and evaluation purposes.