We have released a free utility Aspose.Words Express 1.0 which is a small utility that allows you to easily convert DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML and ODT documents to EPUB. All you need is select a source file, a destination and click the Convert button.

You can enjoy the produced EPUB documents on your mobile devices.

Aspose.Words Express provides an array of useful options you can specify for the conversion. The options include embed fonts, relative font sizes, image resolution, navigation map depth and also splitting of a document into chapters.

It is interesting to note that Aspose.Words Express is a replacement for our previous free utility Aspose.Words for Microsoft Word. We initially implemented the EPUB conversion utility as a conversion filter for Microsoft Word 2007 as we thought it would be nice to allow saving as EPUB straight from Microsoft Word. But there were some problems with this approach including many people who did not have Microsoft Word 2007 installed wanted the conversion utility. So we changed it into a free standalone conversion utility.

Aspose.Words Express is built using (and to showcase) our component Aspose.Words for .NET, a document processing class library. Here earlier I posted about how to use Aspose.Words for .NET to convert documents to EPUB in your own .NET applications.