Aspose.Words for C++

We are excited to share the news of extension in Aspose.Words product family. The news is also of excitement for application developers who would love to incorporate Word document processing functionalities in their native C++ applications. It will be a native C++ library that will allow the developers to create, manipulate and convert Word documents programmatically without requiring Office Automation or Microsoft Word application. All of our experience of Word document processing goes into this new platform to provide quality API which is native and can be used on different operating systems alike with high performance.

Aspose, a file formats API provider, has decided to add the support of C++ to the Aspose.Words product. The name of this product will be Aspose.Words for C++. This new Aspose.Words for C++ API will most likely be released during next month. This new product is all about bringing stunning features of Aspose.Words for .NET to the C++ platform that makes it possible to do native application development in C++.

Sneak Peek

We intend to provide the following features with the first release of Aspose.Words for C++ and we will keep on adding features with every subsequent release. If you are looking for specific functionality that is not listed below, please make sure to record your request in Aspose.Words Product Family forum so that we could bring that feature up on the road map of upcoming releases.

File Formats

The first version of Aspose.Words for C++ will support only the DOC format; but, we will keep on supporting more formats such as DOCX, RTF, WordprocessingML, ODT, etc in subsequent future releases.


There could be hundreds of features related to Word document manipulation, however, we have decided to include just the basic ones with the first release. Here is a list of notable features that will be available in the first version of Aspose.Words for C++.

Document Content Features

  • Access, create and modify paragraphs and text.
  • Access, create and modify images, text boxes, and shapes.
  • Access, create and modify tables, rows, and cells.
  • Access, create and modify fields, form fields, hyperlinks, and bookmarks.
  • Access, create and modify document sections, headers, and footers.
  • Access, create and modify footnotes, endnotes, and comments.
  • Copy and move document elements between documents.
  • Join and split documents.
  • Get and set built-in and custom document properties.
  • Find and replace text, enumerate over document content.
  • Accept all revisions in a document.
  • Preserve OLE objects and ActiveX controls in the document.

Document Formatting Features

  • Access and modify all character formatting including fonts, colors, effects, borders and shading.
  • Access and modify all paragraph formatting including indents, spacing, borders and shading, tab stops.
  • Access and modify all bulleted and numbered lists formatting including numbering and levels.
  • Access and modify table formatting including alignment, orientation, borders and shading.
  • Access and modify all section properties including paper size, margins and orientation.
  • Access, create and modify document styles.
  • Access and modify drawing objects including position, size, line and fill properties, image bytes.

Mail Merge Features

  • Programmatically create or modify a Microsoft Word mail merge data source for a document. Preserve mail merge settings and data sources.

Aspose provides .NET, Java, Android via Java, SharePoint, Reporting Services, JasperReports, C++ and Cloud-based APIs for document generation, conversion, and automation. It functions with documents produced with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Portable Document Format and OpenDocument, and also has APIs to handle barcodes, optical character recognition, and email formats and protocols.

We will soon update our valued customers about the release of this new Aspose.Words for C++ API upon availability for public download. Stay tuned until then!