It is our great pleasure to share with you that we have published yet another new release and you can now download Aspose.Words for C++ 19.11 API from the downloads section. Following list highlights the major features and you will also learn how you can use Aspose.Words for C++ 19.11 to:

  • Work with Web Extensions and Task Panes
  • Customize Formatting of Horizontal Rule Shape
  • Aspose.Words for C++ has now improved character spacing calculation when ‘use printer metrics’ option is set
  • Macros support is improved in this release

Work with Web Extensions and Task Panes

Different classes for representing Office Add-ins are now part of the WebExtensions namespace of Aspose.Words for C++. You can now use Aspose.Words for C++ to work with Web Extensions and Task Panes in Office Add-ins. For example, the API now provides new TaskPane class, TaskPaneCollection class, TaskPaneDockState enumeration, Document.WebExtensionTaskPanes property etc.

The following code example can be used to create task panes and add to web extension task panes with basic properties.

Customize Formatting of Horizontal Rule Shape

The Shape.HorizontalRuleFormat property is now available in the Aspose.Words for C++ API for accessing the properties of the horizontal rule shape. Basic properties like Height, Color, NoShade, etc are now available in the HorizontalRuleFormat class. For example, you can use the following code to set HorizontalRuleFormat to format a horizontal rule shape.

VBA Macros Support Improved

Aspose.Words for C++ API now provides Dcoument.VbaProject property to get or set VbaProject in the Word document. The following code example demonstrates how to create a VBA project and VBA Module along with basic properties e.g. Name and Type.

The resources, you may need to accomplish your tasks:

To get technical support for Aspose.Words for C++, please feel free to post your queries/questions in Aspose.Words for C++ support forum.