Well… it is a great feeling being proud of the fact that a product you develop grows and gets more and more useful for people. You release it and realize that this was another milestone you have just passed! :)

This process is endless. The product will never be ideal, and while it lives, it gets better. But that’s great, because having an ideal product would be very boring (although profitable) and actually would leave us without the job :)

We have just released Aspose.Words for JasperReports 1.2.0, and we have implemented the support of page headers and footers in the documents being exported. That basically means there won’t be headers and footers on the body level anymore; and if you have designed it to be a header in JasperReports, expect it to be a header in the resulting Microsoft Word document. That’s great for editing purposes as it makes the document much more natural. Just try and make sure!

We also built 1.2.0 on top of the latest Aspose.Words for Java and included a number of fixes and enhancements. I would like to thank our user mtassinary for providing a bunch of complex reports containing lots of subreports that allowed us to perform a real stress-testing of the product!

After having a few hours of rest I’m going to continue improving the product because I have already noticed new customer inquiries in the support forum :)

And meanwhile you can try the new version out. It is available at http://www.aspose.com/community/files/67/jasperreports-exporters/aspose.words-for-jasperreports/default.aspx.

Have a nice day!