Today, I will highlight the major features introduced in Aspose.Words for Java 19.10 release:

Main Maven POM File Automation

We have now added automation code in the Main Maven POM file. When you run this POM file, it will automatically choose the correct JDK version and download the plugin (if needed) for advanced HarfBuzz Shaper based Typography (note that this only works for windows).

You can now insert hyperlinks to your reports dynamically by using the link tags. Syntax of a link tag is defined as follows.
«link [uri_or_bookmark_expression] [display_text_expression]»

Here, uri_or_bookmark_expression defines URI or the name of a bookmark within the same document for a hyperlink to be inserted dynamically. This expression is mandatory and must return a non-empty value.

In turn, display_text_expression defines text to be displayed for the hyperlink. This expression is optional. If it is omitted or returns an empty value, then during runtime, a value of uri_or_bookmark_expression is used as display text as well. For more details, refer to the following article:
Inserting Hyperlinks Dynamically

Specify or Detect Document’s Text Direction

Aspose.Words for Java now provides DocumentDirection property in TxtLoadOptions class to detect the text direction (RTL / LTR) in the document. This property sets or gets document text directions provided in DocumentDirection enumeration. The default value is left to right (LTR).

The following code example demonstrates how to detect text direction of the document while importing TXT file.

Keeping the Aspose tradition, you are welcome to shape the upcoming releases of Aspose.Words for Java API by posting your suggestions and concerns in the Aspose.Words for Java Support Forum.