This month was finished with good productivity, as the result 63 improvements and fixes (with 7 Enterprise/Priority Support issues among them) were included to this regular monthly release. Totally 105 issues have been processed.

The most notable public API changes are:

  • Added feature to insert IconCaption while using InsertOleObject method.
  • New public properties of Table class are exposed to allow floating table position manipulation.
  • Implemented an ability to check if VbaProject is signed.
  • Supported dynamic bookmark insertion for LINQ Reporting Engine.

Aspose.Words .NET/Rendering Team implemented direct embedding of OpenType fonts as planned feature for PDF 1.7 standard. The preparation of the first release of 3D Effects Rendering through OpenGL is ongoing. Also, various tasks related to SmartArt Cold Rendering support were investigated and achieved.

Aspose.Words .NET/Layout Team implemented support for paragraph rules in footnotes. The HarfBuzz plugin was upgraded to improve different cases with Arabic rendering. Also, number of fixes related to text wrapping and table sizing were delivered by Layout Team.