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We are really delighted to announce the release of version 18.8 of the Aspose.Words for SharePoint API. This release comes with some very exciting features to enhance the usability of the API. We are pleased to announce that Aspose.Words for SharePoint extensions are supported only in “Classic experience” mode of SharePoint 2019 Public Preview. “Modern experience” support is still under development. This version also sees the codebase better tweaked and the core functionality closer to Aspose.Words for .NET 18.8, which is the base product that Aspose.Words for SharePoint 18.8 is ported from.
We recommend you to download the latest release and check out all the features introduced in the base Aspose.Words for .NET API. You can download the latest release of Aspose.Words for SharePoint from the following link:

Bug Fixes and Changes

Aspose.Words for SharePoint 18.8 release includes the latest improvements and fixes made up to date in Aspose.Words for .NET (18.8). The most notable are:

  • Implemented support for “underline trailing spaces” compatibility option
  • Implemented support for paragraph alignment in Omath when inserted using EQ fields
  • Enhanced computation of interscript spacing values based on TTF properties
  • Improved wrapping of text around floating objects
  • Improved calculation of position of floating tables and shapes
  • Improved floater overlapping logic
  • Improved computing of pages numbers in continuous sections which have restart attribute and conflicting oddity
  • Fixed line justification issue when RTL span is at the end of the line
  • Fixed issue with null dml properties
  • Fixed issue with rendering of floating shapes in truncated headers/footers
  • Fixed issue with rendering of lines inside of a field result when updated in truncated part of a cell
  • Improved rendering of math operators in MathML objects
  • Improved rendering of MathML objects with n-ary math element when n-ary character and limit location are not specified
  • Fixed a bug with rendering of a math n-ary element if it is part of a fraction
  • Fixed a bug when polyline with an arrow and a very small line segment at the end was corrupted upon rendering
  • Fixed a bug when an arrow pointer is incorrectly directed while rendering Bezier curves with arrows
  • Fixed a bug where the end of the line was outside the “stealth arrow” when rendering

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