About Progetto Adele

Progetto Adele is a software company operating in the market of logistics and international forwarding. It was founded in 2003 and it is managed by people having a long experience in software development for logistics and forwarding companies. During the past 15 years, Progetto Adele has developed a complete ERP designed for warehouse management, International forwarding shipments, custom declarations, trucking services, air shipments.

Progetto Adele ERP is installed at several Italian forwarding companies (over 100 companies), it is completely web-based and it can be configured, based on login, using different languages: the most used are Italian and English

Progetto Adele team is formed by over 20 persons: commercial people, programmers, customer service and helpdesk staff, accounting and management. In addition, we founded 2 years ago a new company named Alpanet specialized in networking and operating systems. This company is formed by 3 people providing services to all Progetto Adele’s customers and extra companies using different ERPs.

We are moving more and more to cloud applications installed and running on our internal server farms reachable through 3 different internet providers. Our goal is to improve continuously our ERP solution and make the work easier for our customers to accomplish all tasks requested in international forwarding and warehouse management.


The present case is related to the development of software for printing, archiving, emailing documents produced by a module of our ERP (named Ocean Shipment Management OSM) using Aspose components inside our Master Doc Application.


Master DOC is a software platform to manage documents coming from any source. This platform has been developed as integration with our ERP software used in logistics and international forwarding. Progetto Adele has developed both the Master doc and the Earp software. That solution can generate any kind of document using Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.PDF for .NET products, enabling the automated creation of word and PDF documents based on predefined word templates filled in with data coming from the ERP database.

We came to Aspose to solve problematic issues related to the generation of documents using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) installed on our central server dedicated to docs management. We often faced problems with software getting stuck especially when a large volume of documents was processed.

Thanks to Aspose, the generation of all those documents has become easy and reliable. After testing and using the Aspose solution on our ERP module (OMS and Master Doc) problems were solved and our application has become stable and performing.

See below OSM and Master Doc screens and documents generated using Aspose products.

automated Word and PDF generation

Screen to select a document to be generated from any shipment.

Screen to archive generated documents for each shipment.

Screen to archive generated documents for each shipment.

Example of documents generated with Aspose package in word and PDF format based on predefined word templates: Italian Custom declaration and export frontpage folder.


How Did We Find Aspose?

We tested several products in order to accomplish our task to produce word and pdf documents for our ERP database until we came across Aspose.Words and Aspose.PDF.

After testing both those Aspose Words and Aspose PDF trial software using the temporary license We got from Them, We do confirm it was the most reliable and easy to use solution.

Support Services

During implementation and testing (lasting more or less 2 months), We had the needed support and assistance from Aspose and We managed to complete implementation and testing successfully about our previously mentioned module OMS and Master Doc.


The outcome was very good solving both the issue of software getting stuck during document generation and storage and in addition, giving us extra flexibility like duplex printing. As a result, the positive outcome was higher than our expectations.

Next Steps

Our goal is now to buy Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.PDF for .NET and use them to make changes/improvements in all our software modules producing documents to be printed, stored and emailed from word templates filled in with data fed from the ERP database.

We will use the above mentioned Aspose products to produce duplex printing documents too, saving paper usage for our customers and generally contributing to the ecological task of reducing paper usage.


Overall experience was super positive giving us the option to solve our problems and save time to our customer service staff very often involved in fixing software issues :

  • no more software getting stuck during documents generation and storage
  • better management of docs production based on predefined word templates
  • use of duplex printing allowing paper usage reduction

**Roberto Benassi
**Software Analyst
OSM (Ocean Shipment management) and Master Doc application
Progetto Adele