Clean Metadata from Word and OpenOffice Docs

Aspose.Words Metadata Cleaner is a metadata removal tool which protects organizations from accidental information and metadata leaks. Unintentional leaks have the potential to embarrass or negatively impact a company’s financial well-being. Aspose.Words Metadata Cleaner will allow you to select the document and clean it. It will allow you to clean all Built-in and Custom properties from these files. You can select multiple files and clean them simultaneously in one click. Extract it on your machine and run it directly without installing it.

Features in this Release

The release of this add-on supports the following features:

  • Allow you to select multiple files.
  • Remove all Built-in Properties from word documents and OpenOffice documents.
  • Remove all custom Properties from word document and OpenOffice documents.
  • Show the status of all files.
  • Show an overall status of all files.
  • Provide reason if the metadata is not cleaned.
  • Supports all word processing and Open Office documents (doc, docx, dot, docm, dotx, dotm, rtf, odt, ott).
  • No Installation is required to run this tool.
MS Word Metadata Cleaner

Download, Installation and Usage

Please check the links below to find instructions on downloading, installing, configuring and using this tool.


Please check this video to see it in action.

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