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LIBUSOFT d.o.o. (founded in 1993) and CICOM d.o.o. (founded in 1992) have together started the company LIBUSOFT CICOM d.o.o. in 1997. The new company was continued to advance the successful business that has been established by its mother firms.

The company has around 100 employees – among them economists, software engineers, licensed accountants, programmers, technicians, system administrators, and certified consultants. The primary activities of LIBUSOFT CICOM (LC for short) are development, sale, and support for accounting applications for five groups of users:

  • local self- government units
  • budget users
  • utility companies
  • property management companies
  • small and medium businesses

During 20 years of the company’s development, LC has created a great number of applications that together make SPI® - SUSTAV POSLOVNIH INFORMACIJA (Business Information System) which is a copyrighted product of LIBUSOFT CICOM d.o.o.

In addition, we offer software solutions and consulting services that are the result of years of learning and experience. We offer our customers assistance in managing real estate, managing finances, organizing process in local government (FMC), the effective collection of debts, the implementation of public procurement and consulting workshops for the interpretation of new regulations.


In the wide range of products that LIBUSOFT CICOM offers to its clients, we would like to point out the project for forwarding e-mails. Project LC Mailing accepts emails from various sources, and according to the schedule, they are sent to the proper destination (Figure 1).

LC Mailing system preview

Figure 1: The screen of the LC mailing system

Mails that LC Mailing receives may contain different types of attachments. These attachments are usually in the DOCX format because they are formed on the basis of DOCX templates. Using LC Mailing system, customers distribute user invoices and other documents that the end-user must open smoothly. It is common that the end-user has a PDF reader, so PDF is the most common way of distributing documents for every other system. Therefore, users requested DOCX documents sent through the LC Mailing system are converted and transferred as a PDF format. In the beginning, only few customers were included in the project with their thousands of users, but now we have new customers interested in same project.


We needed a component that can:

  • with high quality convert complex documents from DOCX to PDF
  • ability to process large amounts of data in short time
  • solution must be compatible with the technologies that we use, must work with Java
  • control should be easily integrated into our product
  • vendor of a solution should be a stable and promising company that can offer support in the future

The content of these documents is formatted text, tables, 2D barcodes, images etc. None of the elements under any circumstances shall be lost or deformed, and the final document must be readable and straightforward. An example of document that passes through the system can be seen in Figure.

Input document preview

Figure 2: Example of a document to be converted (INPUT)

Aspose.Words completely and correctly converted document (Figure 3) without any lost element or deformation.

Output generated with Aspose.Words for Java

Figure 3: Converted document by using Aspose.Words for Java (OUTPUT)

The very next thing that was important was the processing speed, as a great number of e-mails came into the system for distribution. Owing to this fact, we made an additional test control to determine whether Aspose.Words for Java can perform such big tasks. We made a test conversion with ten thousands of documents. In this test, we determined that there was no deceleration.

During the test, we also found that the integration of Aspose.Words for Java in our project was simple and easy. Aspose.Words for Java has all the necessary documentation and quality support.

Also, we recognized that Aspose is a serious company with a reputation, so we believe Aspose can offer us support in the future.


Finding a solution:

On the market, there are many controls that allow you to convert DOCX to PDF for which we started to test the possibilities. Everyone we tested had some problems. Some of them lost elements such as pictures and tables. Most of them lost the main basic layout of the document by inserting unexpected page breaks. Some converters lost parts of the document that they could not convert and the same parts were replaced with the text “not yet implemented” or similar. Among all controls, we found that only Aspose.Words for Java converted document without any problem. We found Aspose on Internet. Also, we asked around and heard only recommendations about Aspose. First, we installed the Demo and tried the conversion of simple documents. After that, we installed the trial version and tested conversion of more complex documents. We were very satisfied with the results. We did not require any technical support because documentation was sufficient for us.


All the knowledge related to the integration of the components was gained during the test components, so the implementation was completed within a few days as well as our customer got satisfied with the output. For the user, there were no changes in the work and got the desired functionality. Also, there were no outages or slowdowns of functionality. With an easy and comfortable way, we solved major challenges. Therefore, Aspose.Words for Java component was eagerly accepted by the development department.


Using Aspose.Words for Java, we were able to convert any DOCX attachment that comes into our LC Mailing system, so the customer does not need to invest in changing other programs that create the DOCX files. We found that customers got very satisfied in the short term and on the other hand, our development team spared time to develop other projects.

Next Steps

At the moment, we only used one part of the Aspose.Words for Java product. But we are planning to get to know this product better and find some other useful functions which can be used in our project. Also, we are offering a solution for LC Mailing to our customers because we know that we have got a very good solution.


We are completely satisfied with Aspose.Words for Java product. Using Aspose Words for Java we solved the challenge that we had. We will certainly recommend this product to everyone because it is the only one that can fully and successfully do such kind of tasks.