About Moore Stephens Consulting

Moore Stephens Consulting (MSC), a leading provider of technology solutions and services across industries, required a PDF generation tool to dynamically convert MS Word documents into Adobe PDF format. MSC selected Aspose.Words for .NET as the best product to specifically fit its needs.

Moore Stephens Consulting(MSC) is the IT consulting arm of Moore Stephens LLP, an independent member firm of Moore Stephens International Limited, one of the leading international accounting and consulting networks outside the Big Four, comprising 667 offices of member firms in 105 countries, involving 27,081 partners, principals, and staff.

Founded in 2002, MSC has grown from an initial team of 6 people to over 60 and provides a range of business intelligence and software development solutions across a number of industries.

MSC has delivered a wide variety of solutions from small departmental systems to large-scale IT programs. Largely centered around data management, MSC has developed a range of products including an Insurance pricing and rating platform, the Insurance BI Framework and attendance, and a rostering system designed specifically for the needs of Fire and Rescue Services.

Alongside its suite of products, Moore Stephens Consulting provides a range of services, covering product implementation and bespoke consultancy. These services include Data warehousing and Business Intelligence together with Bespoke Application Development. The company has been rebranded with the name Sequel.

The Challenge

MSC’s newest development RuleBook is the latest generation pricing and rating platform. It is a web-based product line agnostic, pricing and quoting tool for the Insurance industry which offers all the self-service capabilities of a spreadsheet-based solution, whilst at the same time providing the surety and auditability that can only be delivered through an enterprise-level application.

RuleBook screen preview

Image 1:- Preview of Rulebook software

One aspect of RuleBook’s functionality is to dynamically generate MS Word documents upon a user’s click of a document link, merging data, and document template to create a document populated with stored information. Whilst MS Word was the preferred document output type for Insurer systems, a PDF document output was required for external Broker and Consumer systems so that the end document would not be editable.
It was imperative to maintain RuleBook’s existing and comprehensive document templating functionality rather than build a new templating tool for PDF output, therefore the challenge was to provide the ability to seamlessly convert the automatically generated MS Word document into PDF format.

Owing to the fact that RuleBook is required to produce complex insurance documentation, it was a requirement that the PDF generation caters for the following:

  • Zero degradation of document styling
  • Pixel perfect conversion of MS Word documents
  • The rapid speed of response
  • Scalability for batch document processing
  • Ability to include the technology within the RuleBook codebase

MSC evaluated a number of providers of conversion software and selected Aspose.Words for .NET.


MSC chose Aspose.Words for .NET after an extensive search of the leading providers of conversion software as it scored highly in all aspects of their evaluation criteria, which included zero degradation of document styling, rapid response, and ability to include the codebase within the RuleBook solution.

The MSC development team imported the Aspose components into the RuleBook solution and then configured two interfaces to the Aspose.Words for .NET API, these were:

  • Loading of the dynamically produced MS Word document into the Aspose component
  • Saving/converting the loaded MS Word document into a PDF to be streamed to the user on the website

After this small amount of development, RuleBook was able to be configured to enable the user or client to choose the output format of any documents within RuleBook to be either MS Word or PDF providing the flexibility and security required for internal and external distribution.

Solution screens preview


The benefits of selecting Aspose.Words for .NET are:

  • Ease of implementation
  • User-friendly software
  • Quick
  • Straight forward & painless
  • ‘Did what it said on the tin’
  • Quality
  • Met our specific requirements to enhance the functionality of our product

MSC selected Aspose.Words for .NET as it was the only evaluated software that lived up to the claims within its marketing material and online demonstrations. With MSC’s definite requirement for pixel-perfect output, Aspose.Words for .NET stood out from the crowd in converting to PDF quickly, robustly, and accurately.