convert rtf to pdf c#

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular and widely-accepted document format that ensures the preservation of the document’s formatting and layout across different platforms and devices. Converting RTF to PDF is a common requirement when you need to share or archive documents in a format that is easily accessible and consistent. So in this blog, we’ll focus on converting Rich Text Format (RTF) documents to PDF in C#.

C# Library to Convert RTF File to PDF

Aspose.Words for .NET is a powerful word processing API that lets you create, read, and process popular word processing formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, etc. Its built-in RTF to PDF converter API allows you to convert your RTF documents to PDF format with high fidelity. You can download the API’s DLL or install it within your .NET application using NuGet.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Words

Steps to Convert RTF File to PDF

Aspose.Words for .NET makes it quite easier for you to convert the RTF documents to PDF format. The following are the steps you need to perform for the conversion.

  • Load the RTF document.
  • Specify the output PDF file’s path.
  • Save the RTF file as PDF.
  • Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader or any other software.

Convert an RTF File to PDF C#

The RTF to PDF conversion with Aspose.Words can be done within a couple of lines of code. The following are the steps along with the API references to convert an RTF file to PDF.

C# Code to Convert RTF to PDF

The following code sample shows how to convert RTF to PDF in C#.

Export RTF to PDF with Free License

You can [get a free temporary license][13] and export RTF to PDF without evaluation limitations.


In this article, you have learned how to convert RTF documents to PDF format in C#. Aspose.Words for .NET provides a robust set of features to customize the conversion and ensure that your resulting PDF documents meet your specific needs. Whether you are working with RTF documents for archiving, sharing, or any other purpose, Aspose.Words simplifies the conversion process and allows you to create high-quality PDF documents with ease.

You can learn more about the .NET word processing API using the documentation as well as the source code samples available on GitHub.

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