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iWriteReadRate.com emerged as a new website for writers and readers of literature in all genres. We planned to utilize Aspose.Words for .NET as our central file format conversion tool. Our website enabled writers to upload, sell, and review user-submitted works & ebooks of various lengths direct from readers.

Our aim was to create a dynamic community of writers and readers, and through utilizing widely accepted ebook formats, such as ePUB. We were aiming to enable writers to use our site to reach their audience with their previously unpublished work. Further to this, we had in-built feedback loops to ensure that writers receive valuable ratings back to help them prove and improve their writing for the future. We were also very much integrated with what we were doing with various Social Networks to further enhance the discoverability of our members’ work through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Our ability to convert files to ePUB and PDF was absolutely central to what we were doing to enable compatibility of our member’s uploads. With the widest possible array of eReaders, smart-phones, and tablets (we also eagerly awaited the addition of .Mobi conversion into the Aspose.Words for .NET product).

You can find out more about us, and how we were using Aspose.Words for .NET by visiting our website and blog at www.iwritereadrate.com


Our requirements:

We chose Aspose.Words for .NET after looking at a wide variety of file conversion tools, both paid and free. Since the reliability, stability, and control of the conversion tool were fundamental aspects to ensure consistent and quality conversions for our site to ePUB and PDF, we downloaded the trial version of Aspose.Words for .NET product and trialled it on a number of different types of conversions. It performed exceptionally well under the tests, and we started progressing on building our soon to be launched BETA site.


Aspose.Words for .NET have enabled us to generate electronic documents quickly and easily for a number of formats. These outputs can be used on eReader products.
Aspose.Words for .NET allowed us to use a large collection of import formats which Aspose.Words for .NET checks to ensure they are valid and within the collection of required document formats. These formats can be converted to our chosen output formats, as well as analysed if the document is encrypted.

A sample document was produced using Aspose.Words for .NET that included a watermark which helped us protect the intellectual property on our site and added value to our customers.

The documents were then created in our chosen output formats including document metadata and appending an image to the first page to act as a book cover. The markup for the document was produced on the fly which dynamically created the sections of the document and made it easier for the end-users to navigate through the document.

Preview of website

The above screenshot illustrates our home screen. Its the place where iWriteReadRate members can browse and search for ebooks that are of interest to them. From this screen, they can click through to the individual ebooks, view, rate, pay for it, and download the document in ePUB or PDF using the Aspose.Words for .NET conversion of the original document uploaded.

New document upload screen preview

The above screenshot illustrates the new document upload screen. This is the initial screen that writers’ will use to upload their work onto the site. Once uploaded, we use Aspose.Words for .NET to convert the file into ePUB or PDF formats so that they can be downloaded by other members.


As mentioned, our ability to convert user-uploaded content to widely accepted ebook formats was absolutely central to what we did. We required to do this in a reliable, fast, and cost-efficient manner. Till the time we did not fully implement Aspose.Words for .NET full solution, while using our demo evaluation, we got quite much convinced with the features Aspose product would deliver. Certainly, our Web Developers were confident that it will deliver as we required, following the demo version we used.

File conversion for writers to ebook formats was quite a painful and unpleasant experience for them; and we aimed through Aspose solution, to make this simple, quick, and user friendly while integrating it with our website features and functionality.

We have had a number of interactions with Aspose through their Forum, and have found their responses prompt, supportive, and keen to help – this is something that we sincerely hope will continue and that we can build a strong partnership with Aspose for the future and the future evolution of our file format conversion requirements.

Future Implementations

We would like to also have .Mobi conversions included in the Aspose.Words for .NET product. We are also considering adding enhanced support in the future, which we think would be required to further improve the services we provide to our members through the utilization of the Aspose.Words for .NET product.


Our experience of Aspose as a business, and their Aspose.Words for .Net solution has to date been very positive. We have asked a number of questions through their Forum and always received a timely response. In addition, we have chosen Aspose.Words for .NET as it comes highly recommended and our Web Development team have trialled the solution successfully, and are happy with the flexibility, control, simplicity, and scalability it delivers.

We hope to build further our partnership with Aspose for our future requirements and work with them in future while aiming at how we utilize their solution for the benefit of our members and community as it grows.