Convert Word to JPG Python | Convert DOCX to JPG Python

Sometimes we need to convert Word document into a picture, because DOC or DOCX files may be displayed differently on different devices, but images, for example in the JPG format, will look the same everywhere.

Let’s look at examples. Сonverting DOC or DOCX to JPG can be useful in situations where you want to make sure that the document will not be easily copied or modified. Or you want to publish a document directly to your site and be sure that all users can view it: all web browsers support JPG display, but not all browsers have a plug-in for viewing Word files. In addition, JPG may also be a more convenient format for showing all or individual pages of a document in slides or on someone else’s computer, which may not have software installed to view Word or PDF documents, but almost certainly has JPG viewing software installed.

In this article we will look at how to programmatically convert Word to JPG using Python:

Word to JPG Converter Library in Python

There are various comprehensive document conversion tools that you can integrate into your Python applications without using third-party applications like Microsoft Word. The Aspose.Words for Python library was designed to be integrate into your applications exactly for converting documents from Word to JPG.

Download and install the Aspose.Words for Python library to convert a DOC or DOCX document to JPG format. For more information on installation, check out the official documentation’s installation page.

How to Convert DOC or DOCX to JPG in Python

To convert a Word document (DOC or Dox) to JPG using our powerful Aspose.Words for Python library, you need to perform just two simple steps:

  1. Load your Word document using the Document class
  2. Select the JPG saving format and save the result into JPG using the Document.Save method, thereby completing the conversion

The following code example shows how to convert DOCX to JPG in Python:

doc = aw.Document("Document.docx")"BaseConversions.docx_to_jpeg.jpeg")
Convert Word to JPG Example | Convert DOCX to JPG Example

It is useful to know that upon converting Word document into JPG format, you can apply some additional settings that will allow you to obtain a specific result. For example, you can set the size of the output image in pixels or define the quality of the generated JPG. These additional settings are described in the ImageSaveOptions class.

Convert Word (DOC or DOCX) to JPG Online

You can also use our free online Word to JPG converter to convert DOC or DOCX files to an image:

The link to download the final JPG image is available immediately after the process is completed. If you converted a multi-page Word document, then you will download a ZIP archive with JPGs for each page inside. If your Word document consisted of one page, you will download one JPG image.

Сonverting Word to JPG – Useful Resources

Check out the official Aspose.Words for Python documentation:

  1. General Convert a Document section to learn more about the document conversion
  2. The Convert a Document to an Image page for more information on converting to images

Get a Free Converter License

To make sure that Aspose.Words for Python library produces high-fidelity conversion results, get a free temporary license to convert Word files to JPG without trial restrictions. Simply go to the Temporary License page, follow the instructions and receive your free license.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Online converter from Word to JPG to evaluate how it works.

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