Aspose.Words for .NET is the dog food again and we are eating it in our new product Aspose.Recognition for .NET.

Aspose.Recognition is a fresh new product from Aspose and it is touted to later grow into a powerful “fixed-layout” to “flow-layout” document converter. At the moment it is only a 1.0 BETA and can convert PDF to all output formats supported by Aspose.Words for .NET such as DOC, OOXML, RTF, ODT and HTML. Future features planned are OCR document recognition and output to more document formats.

When you download and use Aspose.Recognition, no other software is necessary. Downloading Aspose.Words separately is not needed because in this version Aspose.Recognition embeds a document generation engine of Aspose.Words (although this might later change if more Office output formats are supported with help of other Aspose components).

Other places where Aspose.Words is used at Aspose:

If you need PDF to word processing documents conversion in your project, give Aspose.Recognition a try and share your experience with us in the support forums. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.