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This month’s release of Aspose.Words for .NET and Java contains 97 improvements to Aspose.Words, including a new save format for greater fidelity when saving a document as HTML, improvements to the API and more.

You can immediately download our latest Aspose.Words release from the following links:

Introducing the Fixed HTML Save Format

This month’s release contains a brand new save format: HtmlFixed. The HtmlFixed format provides the ability to render a document to HTML while preserving almost all formatting and structure found in the original input document. This is a great development as traditionally Word to HTML conversion does not yield a result that looks exactly like the original document, this is not caused by any issue with the way Aspose.Words converts Word documents to HTML but is to be expected due to the differences between the two formats. Not all elements in Word documents can be directly represented in an HTML document and thus these elements may be distorted or removed.

This new format improves the output by first rendering the document in memory using the same layout engine which is used to render documents to PDF or image, and then exports absolutely positioned elements to HTML using this information. The result is an HTML document that looks almost identical to the original, with many elements present that cannot normally be exported when saving as regular HTML.

The main difference, as the name implies, is when the container window is resized the text will not reflow and wrap like as with normal flow HTML documents instead the text stays in a fixed position. What is displayed is still regular HTML content so the text can be copied and pasted, and it will also display correctly on mobile devices.

The input document

Sample Input Document

The same document converted using the regular HTML save format (this can be referred to as HtmlFlow to differentiate it from HtmlFixed format). Note if the window is resized then the text is reflowed.

The output document rendered using the new HtmlFixed format. The output looks more accurate. The text in this output is fixed and does not reflow if the window is resized.

The output produced by Aspose.Words using Html Fixed format

Detect 3D and Shadow on Drawing Objects

Use the newly added ExtrusionEnabled and ShadowEnabled properties on Shape class to detect whether a shape is formatted as 3D (extrusion) or with a shadow.

Improved Outline Options when Rendering to Fixed Page Documents

Several fixed paged formats display headings and bookmarks in a tree-based display for easy access, for example, the navigation panel found with most PDF viewers.

In this release the API to work with outline levels has been improved, an introduction of the standard OutlineOptions class replaces the individual members which were previously used to set outline levels for each SaveOptions class. In addition to this, through the use of the new BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection class, you can now set the outline level of individual bookmarks.