Its great pleasure to share that we have achieved another milestone by publishing new release of Aspose.Words for Java i.e. 19.11 that supports Harfbuzz Shaper plugin on Unix-based operating systems and will enable developers to work with Web Extensions, customize the formatting of the horizontal rule shape etc. Details of all the new features, enhancements and bugs resolution can be seen in the release notes. This latest release Aspose.Words for Java v19.11 can be downloaded from the download section. Let us have a brief look at the salient features of this exciting release.

Work with Web Extensions and Task Panes

Aspose.Words API provides the WebExtensions namespace that provides various classes to customize elements and attributes extending the XML vocabulary for representing Office Add-ins. You can now use Aspose.Words for Java to work with Task Panes in Office Add-ins and Web Extensions. For this purpose, it provides new TaskPane class, TaskPaneCollection class, TaskPaneDockState enumeration, Document.WebExtensionTaskPanes property etc.

The following code example demonstrates how to create task panes and add to web extension task panes with basic properties.

Customize Formatting of Horizontal Rule Shape

Aspose.Words for Java API now provides Shape.HorizontalRuleFormat property to access the properties of the horizontal rule shape. The HorizontalRuleFormat class exposes basic properties like Height, Color, NoShade etc. The following code example demonstrates how to set HorizontalRuleFormat to format a horizontal rule.

Macros Support Improved

Aspose.Words for Java API provides Dcoument.VbaProject property to get or set VbaProject in the document. The following code example demonstrates how to create a VBA project and VBA Module along with basic properties e.g. Name and Type.

Keeping the Aspose tradition, you are welcome to shape the upcoming releases of Aspose.Words for Java API by posting your suggestions and concerns in the Aspose.Words for Java Support Forum.