We are excited to announce the upcoming addition of a new product to the Aspose product family. The new API, Aspose.ZIP for .NET, will let you compress files and add these to ZIP archives. For now, we are going to launch its .NET version only. However, the API will be available for other languages as well in the near future.

Aspose.ZIP for .NET Salient Features

Aspose.ZIP for .NET will allow .NET application developers to embed files and folders compression and decompression functionality in their applications. And this all requires zero percent knowledge about the internal structure of ZIP file formats. Key features to be supported by the API include:

  • Compress single as well as multiple files to a ZIP file
  • Create ZIP archives from folders
  • Decompress files and folders
  • Password protect ZIP files with different techniques
  • Support for password protection using traditional as well as AES encryption
  • Support for AES128, 192 and AES256 algorithms for password protection
  • Password protect each file of the archive with different passwords to ensure more security
  • Apply different protection scheme to each file in an archive
  • Append files to a zipped archive

These are just few of the long list of features supported by the upcoming API.

The API is currently undergoing QA process and will soon be available for public usage to our users. Stay tuned until then.