Convert RAR to ZIP in Java - Java RAR API

This blog post is for Java programmers who want to automate the RAR to ZIP conversion. For that purpose, we will use an enterprise-level Java RAR API that is developed at Aspose. Aspose.ZIP for Java provides multiple classes and methods to manipulate and convert RAR file format to other popular file formats. In addition, we will also walk through an online free RAR to ZIP converter. Therefore, make sure you have installed Java on your local machine so that you can implement how to convert RAR to ZIP in Java programmatically.

The following points will be covered:

  1. Java RAR API Installation
  2. Convert RAR to ZIP in Java - Code Sample
  3. Free RAR to ZIP Converter - Online Tool

Java RAR API Installation

Please visit this installation guide if you want to learn about the complete details. However, download the JAR file or you may opt for the following Maven configurations:


Convert RAR to ZIP in Java - Code Sample

Aspose.ZIP makes RAR file conversion to ZIP file super easy as it involves a few method calls. So, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Define the directory path.
  • Create an instance of the Archive class.
  • Initialize an object of the RarArchive class with the source RAR file.
  • Loop through the entries returned by the getEntries method.
  • Invoke the save method to save the output ZIP file on the disk.

The following code sample shows how to convert RAR to ZIP in Java programmatically:

You can see the output in the image below:

rar to zip conversion

Free RAR to ZIP Converter - Online Tool

Further, Aspose.ZIP for Java has exposed an online tool to achieve RAR file conversion. This free RAR to ZIP conversion is web-based and offers a user-friendly interface where users can drag and drop files along with other options. Moreover, it is fast, secure, and is a go-to choice for working with archives.

free rar to zip converter

RAR File Conversion - Get a Free License

You can get a free temporary license to try this Java RAR API without evaluation limitations.

Summing up

This brings us to the end of this article. We appreciate your attention to this blog post in which we converted how to convert RAR to ZIP in Java. In addition, we have gone through the programmatic implementation of the feature. So, you can install this Java RAR API if you want to process archives programmatically. Therefore, you can visit the documentation, and the API references for further exploration. Also, please stay connected with for the upcoming blog posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I change a RAR file to a ZIP file?

You can achieve RAR to ZIP conversion by installing Aspose.ZIP for Java. Please visit this link to see the actual implementation.

How to change RAR file to ZIP?

This online tool provides a robust solution for RAR file conversion. It is free and requires no fee or subscription.

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