Create TAR Archives

TAR, short for Tape Archive, is a common file format used to bundle multiple files and directories into a single archive. It is primarily used in Unix or Unix-like operating systems to archive files and folders for easier storage, distribution, and backup. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of creating TAR files in C#.

C# Library to Create TAR Files

Aspose.ZIP for .NET is a powerful and easy-to-use library that allows developers to work with various archive formats, including TAR. We will use this library to create TAR files in this blog post. You can either download the library or install it from NuGet.

> dotnet add package Aspose.Zip

Create TAR Files in C#

Aspose.ZIP for .NET simplifies the way of working with TAR archives. In a couple of steps, you can create a TAR file and insert files into it. The following are the steps to create a TAR file in C#.

  • First, create an object of the TarArchive class.
  • Then, use TarArchive.CreateEntry(string, string) method to add files to the TAR archive.
  • Finally, save the TAR archive using TarArchive.Save(string) method.

The following code snippet shows how to create a TAR file in C#.

C# TAR Library - Get a Free License

You can get a free temporary license to create TAR archives without evaluation limitations.

Learning Resources

Learn more about our C# TAR library using the resources given below:

Online TAR Tools

Explore our free online tools to create, compress, and extract TAR files, which are powered by Aspose.ZIP for .NET.


Creating TAR files in C# is a straightforward process using Aspose.ZIP for .NET. With the library’s intuitive API, you can easily bundle files and directories into TAR archives and manipulate them as needed. Aspose.ZIP for .NET provides additional features for working with various archive formats, making it a powerful tool for developers to compress and archive files in C# applications.

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